Who is Clifford Horn? Cop who tried to lure child for sex in Atlantic City busted in sting op

Clifford Horn worked as a corporal for the Central Bucks Regional Police Department and he was allegedly caught red-handed in a sting op

                            Who is Clifford Horn? Cop who tried to lure child for sex in Atlantic City busted in sting op
Clifford Horn was suspended on July 26 without pay (YouTube)

ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY: Reportedly, a group of concerned citizens posing as children busted a Pennsylvania police officer in an underage sex sting. Clifford Horn, 54, worked as a corporal for the Central Bucks Regional Police Department. The video shows that Horn fell short of words when a man who runs Colorado Ped Patrol, a group that attempts to nab child predators, approached him in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Sunday, July 25.

Horn was allegedly caught in the act. The video shows that Thomas Fellows of the vigilante group told Horn, "We’re just having a conversation with a gentleman trying to meet with a child." Fellows then continued, "Your zipper’s down, by the way. You’re standing in front of the running car. We got your text messages. Listen, man, you want to talk and tell us why you’re here?"


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Horn replied, "I’m not trying to meet with a child." He then started walking away when Fellows stopped and urged him to “take accountability” for his actions. Horn was arrested later by waiting cops. Atlantic City police confirmed Horn's arrest on Sunday and released a statement, according to which Horn was among the four men charged with luring a child. The statement said, "The concerned citizens were engaged in posing as underage children on various social media sites. They would confront the individual and notify law enforcement."

The cops were then given screenshots of conversations between the suspects and the citizen group prior to their arrests. According to reports, Horn allegedly went onto Grindr and set up a sex act with someone he thought was a 14-year-old boy and sent a photo of himself in his underwear. Fellows said he confronted Horn at a location that was arranged online hours earlier. He said Horn didn't know that the man was a police officer but he had his doubts that he was an attorney. Fellows said, "He was just too good. He wouldn’t talk.”

According to Atlantic City police, Horn and the three other men who were taken into custody since Thursday on the same charge were released on a summons. The other suspects are Jose Machuca, 51, of Hyattsville, Maryland Sambatrimiaina Raminoson, 26, of Atlantic City, and Eugene Pulley, 49, of Philadelphia. According to CBS Philadelphia, Horn was suspended on Monday, July 26, without pay effective immediately. On the same day, Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub noted that his office will evaluate all criminal cases in which Horn was involved. He said, "Our office has assigned personnel to assist New Jersey authorities in any capacity, and to investigate and prosecute any criminal activity that may have occurred in Bucks County. This office protects all victims, regardless of whether the accused perpetrator is an officer of the law or not. No one is above the law.”