Did Jimmy Fallon kiss Ariana Grande? Video sparks rumors about 'TV host and singer'

The rumor stated that Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon were kissing backstage after a show and the video parodying the scene by a TikTok user went viral

                            Did Jimmy Fallon kiss Ariana Grande? Video sparks rumors about 'TV host and singer'
Ariana Grande on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' (Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images)

After a TikTok video went viral this week, a bizarre internet rumor suggested that singer Ariana Grande and TV host Jimmy Fallon have hooked up in the past. Since both celebrities are now married, and not to each other, it was not long before the rumor spread like wildfire. 

How did it all start? A TikTok video, posted by user @dearjane1, suggested a singer and a TV host had dated in secret, and people assumed she was talking about Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon. The video that Jane shared on Christmas Day 2021 was titled 'TV host and A-List singer’s lil secret?' In the video, she acted out a rumor that was sent to her account by an anonymous internet user. The video said that the person in question was dating a “comedian” at the time. As a result, in the comments section of the video, people assumed that the scene being portrayed involved Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande. Viewers also thought that the video also referenced Grande's ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson. From then on, there was no stopping the baseless rumor, even though the video did not take any names. The clip quickly racked up over 880,000 views.


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Who is @DearJane1? 

Ariana Grande on  'The Tonight Show' with host Jimmy Fallon (Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images)

Jane is a TikTok user with almost 400,000 followers. She is used to sharing “unconfirmed stories and parodies”. Usually, she receives "tips" from anonymous internet users about various celebrities and reenacts the rumors. In the video, she claims that the tipster was working in PR at a famous talk show in 2018 when she began noticing that the host of the show invited a certain A-list singer on as a guest very frequently. 

The tipster then claimed to have witnessed the singer and talk show host kissing after having walked backstage after a show. At the time, the tipster was surprised because she thought the singer was already romantically involved with a famous comedian. The storyteller claims that they heard gossip from a co-worker that the two had been hooking up, which led her to wonder whether the singer and the comedian had an open relationship.

Pete Davison and Ariana Grande at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall on August 20, 2018 in New York City (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for MTV)

Since @dearjane1 had deliberately styled herself like Grande, including hair extensions, people who watched the video got the impression that Grande was the "A-list singer" being parodied. Grande was engaged to Pete Davidson in 2018, and Jimmy Fallon did invite her on his talk show frequently during that period. If there was any truth to the rumor, Fallon would also be cheating, as he's been married since 2007. "Not sure about this one," she wrote in the caption accompanying the video. "But usually the crazier they store the more likely it’s true, lmk what u guys think!" For now, there is absolutely no basis to these unfounded rumors as both the celebrities are known to be happily married and in love with their respective spouses. While Fallon is married to Nancy Juvonen and both of them are parents to two children, Grande married Dalton Gomez last year. 

TikToker had 'exposed' Anthony Ramos

This isn’t the first time that Jane has gone viral for starting celebrity rumors. She made quite the stir across the internet in November 2021 after hinting that actor Anthony Ramos had cheated on his girlfriend Jasmine Cephas Jones. Even after the video went viral, neither Anthony Ramos nor Jasmine Cephas Jones confirmed or denied the rumors.