'RHOSLC' Reunion: Jennie Nguyen claims anybody can be racist, fans joke it didn't 'age well'

'RHOSLC' Reunion: Jennie Nguyen claims anybody can be racist, fans joke it didn't 'age well'
'RHOSLC' stars Mary Cosby and Jennie Nguyen (Bravo)

Even though Mary Cosby may have opted to sit out of the 'Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' Season 2 reunion, she still managed to be the topic of interest on the Bravo special. The Utah housewives managed to draw a lot of attention to themselves with their take on racism in the recent past. From Mary's many faux pas moments on the show where she used some questionable choice of words at her co-stars to Jennie Nguyen's offensive social media posts condemning the BLM Movement. 

While we sadly won't get to watch Jenni'e inappropriate social media posts being discussed during the reunion a sit was filmed before they began circulating on the internet, fans however got to watch Jennie showcase an entirely different side to her. When the topic of Mary complimenting Jennie's "slanted eyes and yellow tones" popped up, the housewife slammed Mary for using such derogatory terms to compliment her. Jennie also expressed surprise at how she didn't expect that from her fellow minority co-star Mary, as she believed that the minority communities must uplift each other. While the irony wasn't lost on us, Jennie continued to make such contradictory statements throughout the episode.


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Mary Cosby on 'RHOSLC' (Bravo)

Later, when the reunion's host Andy Cohen revealed that Mary had told him during a telephonic conversation her belief that Black people can't be racist as her defense after being called out for her some of the ignorant things she said, Jennie refuted it by declaring that anybody could be racist irrespective of their race. Needless to say, Jennie's statement caught fans' attention, who took the opportunity to point out how she was fired for being one.

A fan tweeted, "Everyone is capable of being racist” Not aging very well for Jennie #RHOSLC." "Jennie “Anybody can be racist, anybody.” That didn’t age well..being that you got fired for being a racist. #RHOSLC," seconded a fan. "I can't with Jennie "everyone can be racist..." like right... Riiigghhhttt. #RHOSLC," added a fan.





'RHOSLC' star Jennie Nguyen (Bravo)


Another fan shared, "#RHOSLC not jennie sayin everyone is capable of being racist like girl yes YOU." "When jennie said everyone is cable of being racist… #rhoslc," joked a fan. "It’s funny listening to Jennie talk about how she was hurt about Mary’s racial comments but miss girl is the most racist of them all #RHOSLCreunion #RHOSLC," pointed out a fan.





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