SBS 'Super Concert': GOT7 Bambam, Ateez, NCT 127 in lineup announced for Daegu event

More details will follow but for now, SBS has announced the idol-studded lineup for its 2021 ‘Super Concert’ to be held in Daegu this year from Oct 31

                            SBS 'Super Concert': GOT7 Bambam, Ateez, NCT 127 in lineup announced for Daegu event
SBS announces the start date of their 2021 'Super Concert' which features GOT7's Bambam, NCT 127, Ateez, Somi and many other K-pop acts (@NCTsmtown_127, @somsomi0309, @BamBam1A, @ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

The annual SBS year-end event titled, ‘Super Concert’ has become one of the highlights of the K-pop calendar since its inception in the year 2011. After many offline events over the years, a lot has changed for the annual show. The ‘Super Concert’ for the year 2020 was held at Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Expo following the 2019 Taipei event. Last year, the concert was called SBS ‘Super Concert - 2020 Super On-Tact' and was held in September.

The concert was broadcast live for fans globally who were not able to attend the event due to the ongoing pandemic. The concert had the name ‘On-tact’ which means online contact — something the K-pop industry made full use of to contect idols with their fans during the pandemic. The term has to do with fans not being able to make physical 'contact' with their favorite artists and found a way to do so online. The K-pop acts that appeared at the 2020 event were groups like Seventeen, Mamamoo, ITZY, Monsta X, and many more.

This time around, SBS has dropped a few spoilers as they have announced their lineup for 2021’s ‘Super Concert.’ On October 15, SBS unleashed the promotional campaign for the annual event on all their social media platforms. They announced the release date, venue, and lineup of their upcoming concert.


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The 2021 SBS Super Concert will be held in Daegu, South Korea this year (SBS)

Release Date

The SBS ‘Super Concert’ for the year 2021 is scheduled to start on October 31, 2021. More details on the exact performance timings and the number of days the concert will go on for are yet to be announced.

Where to Watch

The 2020 ‘SBS Super Concert’ was broadcast live on the SBS Now YouTube channel as well as on V Live. No plans have been revealed for the 2021 event, but fans suspect that this time around as well, the event will be broadcast live on the SBS Now YouTube channel as well as on V Live.



If SBS is allowed an offline event for the 2021 SBS ‘Super Concert’, fans can attend the in-person event. This time, the popular annual event is sticking closer home and the concert venue is located in Daegu, South Korea. Tickets and other information are yet to be announced.


In a preview for the concert that was released on October 15 on YouTube as well as Twitter, SBS announced the current lineup for the global online concert. The 2021 SBS ‘Super Concert’ will feature current generation K-pop acts like Cravity, Ateez, NCT 127, Secret Number, P1Harmony, T1419 and Purple Kiss.

Joining them will be older acts like 3rd Gen K-pop group Oh My Girl, and 2nd Gen idol groups like B1A4, 2AM as well as popular soloists like GOT7’s Bambam, Park Jihoon, Ailee, and Somi.

SBS releases the lineup for their 2021 Super Concert (SBS Now/YouTube)


In a promotional teaser for the event, SBS released a teaser video on their social media networks showing a quick flashback from the older ‘Super Concerts’ which saw a flashback from acts like BTS and Blackpink who used to grace the show in the past. The teaser also shows the names of all the K-pop acts that will feature at the concert this year.

Watch the teaser here:


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