GOT7's Jinyoung does Vibin Challenge, fans call Youngjae 'the favorite child'

After ignoring all other dance challenges by other members of GOT7, Jinyoung makes Youngjae his fave child by doing the Vibin challenge

                            GOT7's Jinyoung does Vibin Challenge, fans call Youngjae 'the favorite child'
GOT7's Youngjae has convinced Jinyoung to participate in the Vibin Challenge for him and the group is finally complete now (@333cyj333/Instagram)

Ahgases can now rejoice as GOT7 is finally complete with Youngjae's Vibin Challenge. All seven members of the group have been booked and busy with their solo schedules since the time they all set out into different labels since GOT7 ended their seven-year contract with JYP Entertainment. As the members were on to new things, they made it very clear that they are all still part of the seven-member group GOT7. With the release of 'Encore', a self-produced track, members of GOT7 solidified the trust of the fans who wondered if GOT7 would come to an end.

Members of GOT7 all have been releasing their own solo music over the last few months with each member releasing singles or debuting with solo albums. The last member to release his solo album was Youngjae who released 'COLORS from Ars', a seven-track colorful album with the song 'Vibin' as the title track. The song was promoted with a dance challenge called 'Vibin Challenge,' but fans waited to see the six GOT7 members participate in the challenge with their sunshine, Youngjae. 


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GOT7 — one big happy family

The group had such a tight bond over the years that the leader of the group, Jay B was named as the father of the group while Jinyoung took the title of the 'Mom of the Group'. Both Jay B and Jinyoung were together raising five children. Mark was the quiet middle child while Jackson was called the fake maknae because of his childlike antics. Youngjae, the oldest member of GOT7's maknae line was followed by trouble-makers, Bambam and Yugyeom.

With this happy family in mind, fans have started talking about Jinyoung doing the Vibin challenge to show support to Youngjae for his album. With all five members completing the challenge, Jinyoung was the last member to join in and vibe with Youngjae. Youngjae first met with Bambam and Yugyeom as the maknae line performed the Vibin challenge together at Yugyeom's current label, AOMG's dance studio. Youngjae then met Jay B in person and they did the challenge together.


Sine Mark is currently in LA, he supported Youngjae by performing the challenge on Tiktok. Youngjae them posted a video of him doing the challenge with Mark on his social media accounts. Jackson too, who is working hard on his project, PANThePack right now completed the Vibin challenge on TikTok and Youngjae, again posted a video of him doing the challenge with Jackson on his social media account.


Jinyoung's favorite child, Youngjae

Jinyoung is rebranding himself as an actor with not just one, but two lead roles as he plays the twin lead roles in his upcoming K-drama 'Christmas Carol'. Jinyoung also appeared in a cameo in the ongoing K-drama, 'Yumi's Cells' which saw the group's chaotic maknae and Bambam unleashed his funny side as he made many memes on Jinyoung making fans ask for Jinyonug to retaliate with a fire-back. Jinyoung may have done just that by finally participating in a dance challenge with one of the members of the group.


Ever since the solo debuts of members started, Bambam, Jay B and Youngjae all released challenges for their title tracks, Jinyoung has finally picked his favorite child as 'mom of the group' by sending Youngjae a video of himself dancing to 'Vibin' which Youngjae performed and posted as a collage video on his Instagram and Tiktok accounts.


'Youngjae truly the favorite child'

Fans started talking about the challenge as soon as it was posted because all thanks to Youngjae fans got to see Jinyoung after a long time with all blame put on Jinyoung's social media presence or lack thereof. Fans started talking about how Youngjae is loved by all the members so much that even Jinyoung took time out for him. One fan said, "Say it with me... CHOI YOUNGJAE FAVORITE CHILD." Another fan said, "Youngjae is indeed the last piece and everyone's favorite brother and child. He really got all of got7 doing the Vibin challenge for him despite their busy schedules."

One fan said, "2young!! Also, I missed seeing Jinyoung dance" One fan joked, "PARK JINYOUNG IS ALIVE!? AND HE DOES THE VIBIN CHALLENGE!!" As Park Jinyoung started trending on Twitter instantly, one fan complimented Jinyoung's charms saying, "the way he takes his mask off is so hot, i can’t even… how can someone make such a common thing to do becoming so hot… it’s a park jinyoung thing only." and another said, "When the quality is low but you are Park Jinyoung."











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