Did JHope actually wear a CONDOM shirt? Shocked ARMY list most outrageous BTS outfits

Did JHope actually wear a CONDOM shirt? Shocked ARMY list most outrageous BTS outfits
JHope shocked fans after he posted a photo while wearing a condom printed shirt (Instagram/JHope)

It has barely been two days since BTS members launched their personal Instagram accounts and they have already stirred quite a few controversies. After Taehyung aka V accidentally followed and unfollowed Blackpink's Jennie, now JHope appears to have sent ARMY into a frenzy with his latest photo. Clicked with the greyscale filter, the photo shows the BTS icon wearing a printed shirt, accessorizing it with a pair of Justin Reed sunglasses and a pendant. At first glance, the shirt appears normal, but eagle-eyed ARMYs spotted that it was actually a Condom-print shirt with the word 'Pleasures' emblazoned on one side. 

Hoseok posted the photo with the one-letter caption 'J', hinting at his stage name JHope. His bandmate Taehyung commented an 'H' on the photo, jokingly reminding everyone of his real name. As comments are disabled for fans on all BTS member accounts, ARMY took over Twitter to discuss their shock and surprise at JHope's condom shirt. Some fans went a step ahead and listed out the most outrageous outfits donned by BTS members over the years, ranging from Hobi's weed Tshirt to Jungkook's 'Wa***er' Shirt and Jimin's 'Blood and Sperm' shirt. 


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As soon as JHope posted the Condom Shirt photo, ARMY went all out in lauding him for preaching safe sex practices.  The shirt is actually from designer Alex James' Pleasures collaboration with British retailer END., a 'tongue in cheek streetwear collection' which advocated for safe sex. All the outfits from the collection celebrate safe sexual practices with graphic prints of prophylactics and sexual objects. 



"Hobi wearing a condom shirt has changed my life," a fan tweeted, while another joked, "hobi’s condom shirt puts a whole new meaning to “get it, let it, roll!”

An ecstatic fan tweeted, "BTS IG feels like the 12 days of Christmas… On the first day of insta, Tae gave to us a story while shirtless in bed On the second day of insta, Hobi gave to us a pic wearing a condom shirt What are we getting next??"

"I’d listen to hoseok lecturing me about safe sex while wearing a condom shirt anytime idk about y’all," a fourth fan noted.




Meanwhile, other fans reminded everyone about the most outrageous and jaw-dropping outfits donned by BTS members in the past. 

"Condom shirt, wa***r shirt & blowjob shirt. the big three," a fan tweeted, sharing JHope latest viral photo along with an old photo of Jungkook where he performed in a shirt with words like 'Wa***r', 'Slob', 'D*ck', 'A****le' and 'Deadbeat' written all over it. The third photo showed Taehyung wearing a Tshirt with a graphic image of a blowjob, pairing it with a tie-dye jacket.

Many fans also remembered the multiple times Hobi endorsed weed on his outfits. "Hobi's weed shirt (meets) hobi's condom shirt," an ARMY tweeted, while another added, "Hobi’s weed shirt and condom shirt sit at the same table." 

A fan also reminded of the shocking statement shirts worn by Jimin from time to time, "Hobi wearing a condom shirt is somehow right next to jimin wearing karl marx shirt, that "go f**k urself" in russian shirt and that blood and sperm all over the place shirt ok now im typing this and why is it all related to jimin."







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