How old is Jungkook? BTS star's latest selfie sends Army into frenzy as they wonder: 'Does he age?'

The 22-year-old's achievements as part of BTS might make many do a double-take at his age, but his selfie has some convinced he's aging in reverse

                            How old is Jungkook? BTS star's latest selfie sends Army into frenzy as they wonder: 'Does he age?'
Jungkook (Getty Images)

BTS' Jungkook has once again sent fans into a frenzy after posting a selfie to the Weverse platform. The idol is known to be one of the lesser active members of the group when it comes to online activity, so this was a double-treat for the Army who were waiting for more content from the boys.

As the Army logged in for another day on the internet and noticed Jungkook trending, some were naturally confused. And as they began to wonder what was new in the BTS universe, one fan shared, "Because Jungkook who's been rarely active finally posted a pic, we're celebrating," while another said, "7/7 and Jeon Jungkook 7th member in age of the 7-membered group BTS has decided to bless us with his beautiful face I could not ask for more." 

And as anyone would expect, the Army could barely believe it, with several tweeting, "JDKSKS JUNGKOOK POSTED ON WEVERSE???" and others stating, "At my big age and Jungkook over here making me cry for a selca..." One Army put the fandom's feelings rather succinctly, sharing, "How I am feeling right about now," along with an image of a fabulous unicorn sliding down a pole, while another Army was quick to spot something about the image: "Wait for Armys to realize that Jungkook's picture is actually mirrored bc his tattoos are supposed to be in his right hand..."

Jungkook of BTS poses with the awards for Top Duo Group and Top Social Artist in the press room during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 01, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada (Getty Images)

The Army, however, was a little too occupied to notice. One Army said, "Jungkook just posted a selca / he looks f**king cute my baby," and several stated, "Just woke up to Jungkook’s bunny face and now my day is made before it even began" as well as "OMG JUNGKOOK POSTED ON WEVERSE WTF SHDHWJDN this is already the best day of this month."

Several segments of the Army also shared, "Jungkook cult world domination," with one user pointing to 20 different Twitter accounts who all now sport Jungkook's latest selfie as their profile picture and several other Armys showing visible confusion via tweets like, "IM SO CONFUSED EVERYONE IS JUNGKOOK." In case anyone was wondering if this subsection of the Army has a name, one kind fan has enlightened us: "the Kookie Cult."

And it appears the way one joins this cult is by simply glimpsing an image of the idol, as one fan shared, "NOW I'M PART OF JUNGKOOK CULT TOO," while several others tweeted out "Jungkook best cult." One fan stated, "JUNGKOOK WORLD DOMINATION... Can't wait fr his mixtape!!" because naturally, the newly-formed cult requires their first offering. Others demanded something more immediate, tweeting, "JUNGKOOK POSTED AFTER A WHOLE ICE AGE WHAT WIAJSOXKQKLC JUNGKOOK LIVE I DARE U."

Along with his selfie, Jungkook also shared the caption, "I’ll make today worthwhile / I just finished a book! (Who knew a day would come where I would read a book...)," in addition to a comment asking fans what they were up to. In response, the Army has crowned him with a new title: "His name is now JUNG'BOOK'." But the single greatest question Jungkook's selfie had the fandom asking was: does he age?

Jungkook of BTS performs onstage during 102.7 KIIS FM's Jingle Ball 2019 Presented by Capital One at the Forum on December 6, 2019, in Los Angeles, California (Getty Images)

The idol is already on top of the world as part of BTS, thanks to the group already breaking several records and setting new ones that didn't even exist before. They're dominating the music scene across several platforms, so it's often easy to forget that all seven members are still only in their 20s, with Jungkook being the youngest at 22. It shouldn't be surprising that he looks young given his age, but Jungkook manages to look younger with each appearance he makes, and fans are now wondering what his secret to youth is.

One Army tweeted, "DOES JUNGKOOK AGE? HOLY SH*T," another stated, "Jungkook doesn’t age so according to my calculator the only explanations is age reverse treatment or a really good skincare routine," one fan said, "The glow up more like the vampirism HE DIDN'T AGE we love Jeon Jungkook," and another shared, "Jungkook doesn’t age. the only difference is his hair."

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