IVE 'Eleven': Release date, how to listen and all about Starship rookie group's debut album

Starship Entertainment promised a power-packed debut for their first rookie girl group in five years with IVE

                            IVE 'Eleven': Release date, how to listen and all about Starship rookie group's debut album
IVE will be Starship Entertainment's first K-pop group to debut in five years after the veteran group Cosmic Girls (IVEstarship/Twitter)

IVE is the six-member girl group from Starship Entertainment that is soon going to make its debut as one of the new rookie artists following the debut of K-pop group Cravity under the label. 2021 marks a new high for girl groups with groups like Hot Issue, Tri.be, Lightsum, Purple Kiss, Billlie and more while the new girl-group born out of Mnet’s reality show ‘Girls Planet 999’, Kep1er, as well as JYPE's JYPn all making their debuts soon.

With so much competition around them, IVE is going to make it big all thanks to the star power and unrivaled popularity before debut. The girl group is set to debut with their single album this year and is Starship Entertainment’s first girl group to debut in the last five years promising many fans the charms of Cosmic Girls (also known as WJSN). The K-pop group has not one but two members from the now disbanded group IZ*ONE. Ahn Yu-jin, IVE’s leader, and Wonyoung both debuted as members of the now-disbanded group but their fans, WIZ*ONEs, have been rooting for the girls who are both currently MCs for music shows. As is apparent from the teasers and chic and stylish concepts that do not give a girly vibe, IVE is ready to capture the hearts of global fans.


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Starship Entertainment's IVE will have two former members of the disbanded group, IZ*ONE (@IVEstarship/Twitter)

Release date

The debut single album from IVE — ‘Eleven’ — will be released on December 1 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

How to listen

The single album ‘Eleven’ from IVE will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and others.

Starship Entertainment announces the debut of their six-member rookie girl group IVE (@IVEstarship/Twitter)


IVE appeared in the concept photos for their debut single ‘Eleven’ which creates a sensual and chic atmosphere with the members appearing extremely powerful and stylish as they dress in all-black. The visual synergy created by the six members, namely Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz and Leeseo has become a sensation to capture the hearts of fans all over the world.

IVE members also appeared in individual concept photos that showed each of their incomparable visuals proving to fans that there is not just one visual or center in the group. Each member of IVE possesses the qualities of a visual overwhelming fans with their unrivaled aura as they are dressed in dark wear with silver blingy accessories while they stand in front of a while background promising an even sharper visual treat.

All six members of IVE for the concept photos for 'Eleven' (@IVEstarship/Twitter)


On November 28, IVE released a teaser for their debut single ‘Eleven’ which caught the eyes of fans who were wowed by all six members of the group in only 20 seconds of the clip. The members of IVE appear in front of dazzling and colorful lights. The girls are seen counting down numbers in a rhythmic melody for fans to enjoy. The single album 'Eleven' is an album that will imprint the identity of each IVE member through their trendy music, performances, and visuals.

Watch the teaser here


Music Video

IVE will release the music video for their single ‘Eleven’ on December 1 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET) alongside their debut single album of the same name.

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