Is Younghoon OK? Fans concerned for The Boyz star as he tests Covid positive

Earlier, Eric tested positive for Covid and then Younghoon tested pisitve for the virus as well

                            Is Younghoon OK? Fans concerned for The Boyz star as he tests Covid positive
Younghoon tested Covid positive (Instagram/THE BOYZ YOUNGHOON)

The Boyz Younghoon has been diagnosed with Covid-19 on January 26, according to IST Entertainment. On January 24, a fellow member of The Boyz, Eric, became the first to test positive, and the group's agency, IST Entertainment, announced the next day that all of the other members had tested negative. 

Younghoon made his debut as a member of the K-pop boyband The Boyz on December 6, 2017 with the song 'Boy'. Following the news of Eric's test being positive, fans were shocked to learn that Younghoon was suffering from Covid-19 as well.


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In the past, fans have taken over Twitter to discuss every issue that the band faces. Since Younghoon's positive test, fans have again taken time to address it. One admirer wrote on Twitter, "the way eric and younghoon never forgets to update us on pm about their situation and on how they feel and even tell us to take care of ourselves and not to worry about them, they never fail to reassure us and think about us, best boys".


According to another fan tweet, "younghoon is on pm and he said he's very strong so he asked us not to worry about him... he even said sorry for making us worried and he'll be more careful when he gets better." Many fans are sending get well soon tweets, one of the tweet read, "Get well really soon, Younghoon hyung." Another tweet read, "fast recovery younghoon, ily :("




Other fans' tweets read as follows: "Younghoon staying in the hotel to self isolate even though he came out negative yesterday because he have a bad feeling about it turns out the right thing to do : ( you're so responsible hoonie, I love you, get well soon my love."


Another tweet read, "younghoon is so smart for doing this. he's so responsible and thoughtful about the situation so i hope he really wont feel guilty and sorry about the result. please have a well rest and recover soon, our hoon."


The agency released a statement stating that, "we are informing you that the agency’s artist THE BOYZ’s Younghoon has tested positive for Covid-19. On January 24, THE BOYZ members underwent PCR testing, and all ten members and the staff except Eric received negative test results on the morning of January 25, so they were in voluntary self-quarantine. Younghoon preemptively took a PCR test on the afternoon of January 25, and he was notified that he tested positive this morning. Immediately after hearing news of Younghoon’s positive Covid-19 test this morning, the BOYZ and the staff all got tested for Covid-19 in consideration of the virus’s incubation period, and we are currently waiting for the results. We will inform you as soon as the test results are released. We apologize for causing concern, and we will do our best to support the artists’ health so that they will recover quickly. The company is currently taking necessary measures in accordance with the guidelines set by health authorities. We will faithfully comply with the health authorities’ self-quarantine and prevention guidelines as our top priority."