South Korean band 14U disband after reported favoritism by label BG Entertainment

South Korean band 14U disband after reported favoritism by label BG Entertainment

A few members of the South Korean band 14U have parted ways with their label after going through blatant favoritism shown by BG Entertainment for certain members of the band. So far, the label is yet to officially confirm who has left the band and how 14U will proceed forward without them, however, a source has recently confirmed that a few members moved out of the band dorm and have headed out on a vacation.

The band was made of members E.Sol, Luha, Gohyeon, B.S, Loudi, Eunjae, Woojoo, Dohyuk, Hyunwoong, Hero, Rio, Sejin, Gyeongtae, Gun and Doyul.

According to a report in allKpop, a source close to the band was quoted as saying, "The members who left are apologetic to fans for the hurt this causes, so they have not been able to speak up. However, they'll be sharing updates on social media while on vacation."

Reports also suggested that 13 out of the 14 members have ended their contract with the label.

14U members were expected to perform at KCON 2019 Japan, however, the band pulled out from the line up in the last minute. A representative from KCON that 14U withdrew from the lineup due to "artist circumstances."

The band in the recent past had performed at over 20 spots in Japan pulling in a crowd of fans of about 6000 and KCON was supposed to be their follow-up. These performances were to promote their recent release 'N.E.W.S'. 

The band is quite young as the 14-member act debuted in 2017 with album 'WV'. The main cause of the band breaking up is cited as discrimination by the label which introduced conflicts within the band resulting in the members deciding to leave their label. BG Entertainment has, however, not released an official statement.

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 south korean band 14 u disband over label bgent showing favoritism