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Is 'Yellowstone' going woke? Series slammed for alleged 'Antifa' character Summer Higgins

Social media slammed 'Yellowstone' for going woke and introduced a character that doesn't still well with the fans of the show
Kevin Coster as John Dutton and Piper Perabo as Summer Higgins in 'Yellowstone' (Paramount Network)
Kevin Coster as John Dutton and Piper Perabo as Summer Higgins in 'Yellowstone' (Paramount Network)

Paramount series ‘Yellowstone’ has been one of the most-loved shows in recent years and has created a separate fan base. The storyline has been engaging since the beginning and characters have become a part of everyone’s lives. The show recently started its Season 4 and opened with some of the best episodes in the show’s history. The Duttons are trying to catch the mastermind behind the attack while Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley) has finally got to know that it was Garrett Randall (Will Patton) who ordered the attack.
Apart from being appreciated for epic content, the show has now come on people’s radar of being “woke” by introducing a character that people believe should not be existing in the world of ‘Yellowstone’. The makers recently introduced a character named Summer Higgins on the show and it is played by Piper Perabo, who is known for her roles in projects such as ‘Coyote Ugly’, ‘Covert Affairs’, and ‘many more.


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The entire scenario started after Twitter user Jack Posobiec, senior editor of ‘Human Events’, shared a screenshot of an Esquire story in which it was written that Perabo and her husband had dinner with Taylor Sheridan, co-creator of the show and his wife, where she told them that she was arrested for “protesting Brett Cavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme Court.” The story also stated, “He (Taylor) was really interested in the story of civil disobedience and the sort of process of putting your body on the life for a cause you care about.” This is when Taylor thought of creating a character like Summer on the show.


Jack’s tweet went viral on social media in no time and people kind of joined in saying how woke the show has really become. Some even said that they won’t be seeing the show ever again. One of the users said, “Glad I don’t watch this show. Now I won’t even start.” Another user wrote, “That’s a good reason to stop watching! Don’t need to support the dark side.”

“Yellowstone is now dead to me. I don't care about episode 4 of this season now any more episodes,” said another user. Meanwhile, one of the users stated, “I was thinking about watching #Yellowstone but not anymore. I don't do woke.”



“Hmm. Was planning to check out the show soon to see what all the hype was about. Now…forget about it since they’ve gone all WOKE!” another social media user said. On the other hand, one of the users revealed that if he wants to see woke material, then he’ll watch CNN. He wrote, “This episode will be a make it or break it for me. If I want woke climate crap and Antifa protests I’ll watch CNN. Heck, last week already spoiled the show for me to some extent. Instead of anxiously awaiting this episode I’m now wondering if it’s even worth tuning in tonight.”



“Big fan of the show. In the latest episode, they introduced woke characters protesting over cattle slaughtering then a later dialogue about man's destruction of the earth (clearly referring to the myth of man-made climate change). It's sad, but no show is safe from wokeness anymore,” wrote another user.


On the other hand, there were some who thought that Jack and everyone else is too busy reading between the lines even when the character is not an Antifa supporter or member. One of the fans wrote, “She’s not an Antifa character. Piper’s character is a radical environmentalist. Like the hippies who chained themselves to the trees to prevent logging companies from cutting down trees. The character is more Greenpeace than the rose city." Another user noted, "I think you're reading way too much into this...those animal protesters exist in the real world and this brings it into context. Sheridan scripted it well. If this "ruins" the show, I'll be the first to say you were right, but until then, let it play out."



Summer is shown to be a character who loves the environment and deeply cares about animals. She staged a protest outside the Yellowstone police station for how the animals were being slaughtered for personal gains. She was put into jail for a while, but John Dutton (Kevin Costner) bailed her out and took her home.

However, the introduction of Summer might hurt their ratings and a certain section of the society might not watch the alleged “woke” series now. Let’s see if the makers try making some amendments after such reactions.

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