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'Yellowstone' Season 4 Episode 6 : Lloyd loses it and takes a LITERAL stab at Walker

The no fighting rule just got broken again by the oldest in the bunkhouse and this time there might be no coming back from it
Forrie J Smith as Lloyd and Ryan Bingham as Walker in 'Yellowstone' (Paramount)
Forrie J Smith as Lloyd and Ryan Bingham as Walker in 'Yellowstone' (Paramount)

Spoilers for ' Yellowstone' Season 4, Episode 6 - 'I Want to Be Him'

'Yellowstone' Season 4 has been focused on unearthing the identity of the man who ordered the hit on the Dutton family, but that's not all as we see characters having to go through problems of their own.

We previously saw Lloyd clearly angry at Laramie having jumped ship from him to Walker and with the feeling of being unwanted, it all bubbled up resulting in a fight with Walker. Although Rip put a stop to it at that time, the sixth episode saw the unfinished chapter escalate as the two men take on each other again. Read on to know what happened in the sixth episode of 'Yellowstone' and the consequences it brought with it.


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Episode 6 saw Lloyd (Forrie J Smith) feel more like an outcast than ever and when he goes into the bunkhouse the scene of the gang playing around and joking with Walker (Ryan Bingham) acted as the final straw. The senior cowboy snatches and smashes the guitar Lloyd was playing and while he was obviously hurt, he tells them that they've known him for 18 years but Walker is barely known to them. When Walker rises up to fight, in a shocking scene, Lloyd throws a knife straight at him which pierces him but narrowly misses his heart. As the rest rush to help the injured Walker and call a doctor, Ryan (Ian Bohen) cuffs the old man and puts him down later dropping him at Rip's (Cole Hauser) place. 

The doctor checks on Walker and claims that the knife missed the major arteries. But this act dearly cost the two as John (Kevin Costner) gets involved in the fight as well. The head of the Duttons makes the call that there will be no more girls in the bunkhouse which sees Teeter (Jennifer Landon) having to leave alongside Laramie (Hassie Harrison). He tells Rip to have the two fight it out and make an example of the last man standing. Put in an enclosure, Walker and Lloyd fight each other with punches thrown and bites involved with the older cowboy coming out on top. John offers to serve the punishment as he knows what Lloyd means to Rip. In a painful yet sad moment, Rip tells Lloyd he loves him and hits his friend telling him it's for his own protection but later is seen crying in the corner.

Walker and Lloyd are made to make peace but the old-timer who has been enforcing the rules for 30 years and broke them himself is on his last and final chance and knows that John means it this time. A grudge over a girl and feelings of being cast aside led to the no fighting in the bunkhouse rule being broken with severe consequences.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 returns to Paramount with a new episode every Sunday at 8 pm EST.