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Is VIXX disbanding? Maknae Hyuk departs from group's label after 10 years

VIXX's Hyuk becomes the fourth member of the boy group to part ways from the label Jellyfish Entertainment
Hyuk, the maknae of the 2012 boy group, announces his departure from VIXX's label Jellyfish Entertainment but promises to stay on as a member of the group (Jellyfish Entertainment)
Hyuk, the maknae of the 2012 boy group, announces his departure from VIXX's label Jellyfish Entertainment but promises to stay on as a member of the group (Jellyfish Entertainment)

Fans of Korean culture have started overanalyzing every new handwritten letter that is posted online and they have a legitimate reason to do so. Every time a Korean entertainer writes a handwritten note to fans, it is usually not to share the best news they have. One such example is K-pop boy group VIXX’s youngest member, Hyuk, who shared the news that he was departing from the label Jellyfish Entertainment.

The label manages the activities of the 2012 boy group, VIXX, which consists of five members. Now, fans are worried that Hyuk’s departure from the label could mean that the group too was disbanding. On June 2, Hyuk took to his Instagram account to post the letter which stated that he had decided to cap off his activities under the label Jellyfish Entertainment after being in an exclusive contract with the label for over 10 years.


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VIXX Hyuk departs from Jellyfish Entertainment

VIXX had been very active in the K-pop industry but as soon as members of the group started their solo activities, the boy group’s activities had been put on a hiatus. The last comeback that was released by members of VIXX was their 2019 single, ‘Walking’ after which Ravi departed from the label but still chose to be a part of VIXX. The boy group debuted with six members namely Leo, Ravi, Hongbin, Hyuk, N, and Ken but Hongbin departed from the label as well as the boy group back in 2020 while member N chose to depart from the label but stay on as a member of VIXX in the same year.

Hyuk is now the fourth member of the group to part ways from the label as he shared the news personally with fans. Hyuk (also known as Han Sang-hyuk) told fans that since he has the opportunity to move into a new environment, he has chosen to do so by not re-signing with the label. Hyuk mentioned that since VIXX made their debut in the month of May back in 20212, he wanted to keep Starlights (fans of VIXX) free from any bad news which is why he waited for fans to finish celebrating the boy group’s 10th anniversary to their heart’s content. VIXX’s maknae Hyuk thanked fans for their dazzling support for him during the time he spent on stage.


Is Hyuk leaving VIXX?

Some fans of VIXX are worried if this departure of Hyuk meant that the boy group was disbanding after three years of hiatus. Hyuk clarified that he was not leaving the boy group VIXX but was only departing from the label. He made a promise to fans that nothing was going to change. In his message, Hyuk stated that he will remain himself and be Hyuk, the youngest member of VIXX. Hyuk also said he hopes to become a better person in the future and is sure that he will find a Starlight at the end of the new path he is taking. Hyuk, 26, debuted as a member of VIXX when he was only 16 years old and received great love for his activities with the boy group.


Back in 2019, he released his first solo album, ‘Winter Butterfly’, and has also been active as an actor ever since. Hyuk appeared in the movie, ‘Chasing’, for which he received an action performer award. He was also seen in projects like ‘Happy Together’ as well as K-dramas and web dramas like ‘The Heirs’, ‘The Great Show’, ‘Romance Special Law’, ‘Gadori Sashimi Restaurant’, 'Croissant', and 'A Different Girl'. Hyuk has been garnering a lot of attention for his upcoming 2022 BL drama, ‘Color Rush’, which will premiere soon.