VIXX Ravi 'Love and Fight': Release date, tracks and all about his second solo LP

VIXX Ravi 'Love and Fight': Release date, tracks and all about his second solo LP
Soloist Ravi announce the release of his second studio album 'Love and Hate' that drops this February (@ravithecrackkidz/Instagram)

Be it dating news or being friends with popular idols and actors, VIXX member Ravi, who has also made a name as a soloist, is extremely popular in the K-pop scene due to his musical talent and his strong connections. Other than being an active member of VIXX, Ravi is known for being the CEO of labels like Groovel1n and the newly launched label, The L1VE, which is home to artists like Mamamoo’s Wheein and Ailee. Despite there being so much on his plate, Ravi has still managed to release new solo tracks.

After the overwhelming response of his singe, ‘ANI’ that was released late in December 2021, Ravi has now announced the release of his second full-length album. 'Love and Fight’ will be released in February 2022. The long play (LP) album is a full-length studio album, differentiating it from the usual K-pop Extended Play (EP) albums, Single Play (SP) or Single albums and mini-albums.  



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Release Date

Ravi will release his second studio album/LP, ‘Love and Fight’ on February 8 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).


How to Listen

The album will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.




1. ‘Guns’
2. ‘Virus’ (feat. Justhis)
3. ‘Winner’ (feat. Ash Island) [Title Track]
4. ‘Love Hate Fight’ (feat. Nafla)
5. ‘What's My Problem’
6. ‘Let Me Down Slowly’ (feat. Cold Bay)
7. ‘Drowning In The Rain’
8. ‘1,2,3’ (feat. Xydo)
9. ‘Cannonball’ (feat. Paul Blanco)
10. ‘Ani’ (feat. Jeon So-yeon of (G)I-dle)
11 ‘Warrior’


With the song ‘Winner’ as its title track, Ravi plans on releasing 10 new singles for his upcoming album alongside the pre-released, ‘ANI’ featuring Soyeon of (G)I-dle. The title track of the album ‘Love and Fight’ features Ash Island who won the award for ‘Best Hip Hop & Urban Music’ at the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards. The album also features a wide range of collaborations with artists such as Justhis, Cold Bay, Paul Blanco, Xydo, and Nafla among others.


Ravi releases the tracklist for his upcoming album, 'Love and Fight' that releases in February this year (@GROOVL1N_GTCK/Twitter)


While not much is revealed about the upcoming album from Ravi, fans are excited to see the album's teaser poster that resembles the logo for American rock band Guns N’ Roses. Ravi has used two knives instead of guns from the rock band’s logo, crossed against each other and held together by a bouquet of roses. Ahead of the announcement of ‘Love and Fight’, Ravi also announced his 2022 concert titled, ‘Revoir’ which will take place from February 25 to February 27 at Olympic Hall, Seoul in South Korea. It is expected that Ravi will perform songs from this album at the 2022 concert.



Music Video

The music video for ‘Winner’ (ft. Ash Island), the title-track of Ravi’s second LP, will release alongside his second studio album ‘Love and Fight’ on February 8 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).


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