Is Kim Garam back? Le Sserafim’s Japanese photoshoot has fans asking of her bullying case

Is Kim Garam back? Le Sserafim’s Japanese photoshoot has fans asking of her bullying case
Kim Garam included in Le Sserafim's latest Japanese photoshoot (Weverse, @le_sserafim/Twitter, @nonno_magazine/Instagram)

It has been a while since we got an update on Kim Garam and her bullying case. She was embroiled in a serious scandal with even lawyers being brought in as a victim accused the Le Sserafim star of bullying her in school. Other witnesses also claimed that Garam used to physically assault classmates and get into gang fights. This led to the general public dropping Garam which in turn affected Le Sserafim’s image. After HYBE finally put her on hiatus did Knetizens start warming up to the new girl group.

Immediately the day after Garam went on hiatus, we got daily viral posts of Knetizens praising Le Sserafim’s five-member stages. Even international fans confided that they felt more at ease supporting the group since Garam’s situation was risky and that they’d rather not support a bully if the rumors did turn out to be true. But there had been reports that HYBE was actually not planning on kicking her out of Le Sserafim and it looks like this seems to be true as we got an OT6 (all six members) Japanese photoshoot with Garam present. 


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Non-No Japanese magazine teases their August cover with all six members of Le Sserafim including Kim Garam (nonno_magazine/Instagram)

Le Sserafim grace Japanese magazine cover with Garam

On June 13, Japanese magazine Non-No teased its August edition and shared that Le Sserafim would be gracing its cover. While fans loved the photoshoot with each of the girls looking charming in blue outfits, Kim Garam also happened to be present. It did not help that she was dead center of both the group shots. Despite Garam having the center position while she was active with the group and the possibility that the Japanese photoshoot took place before her hiatus, there has been much uproar.

HYBE states that Garam was falsely accused when she was given the highest level of punishment by the school violence committee (weverse/le sserafim)

With school bullying being extremely violent in South Korea, Knetizens are not happy with HYBE constantly defending Kim Garam. Many also wondered if the photoshoot was a way for the label to test the waters and gauge the public’s reaction before Garam came back to Le Sserafim. But a majority of Knetizens online are not having it as some even felt that the magazine could have simply edited her out or retaken the photos.

'Bro at this point it’s an OT5 group'

One Knetizen posted, “Even if they took this picture way back, the fact that they are releasing this without retaking the picture just shows that they have 0 intention to kick her out.” Another said, “That's right, just keep her in the group and I won't be consuming from HYBE. I can't believe that a company as big as this cannot think this through properly. Seriously, if not for BTS they would be a nobody.” One user added, “Huk... is that Garam b*tch coming back?”

While some fans who believe Garam is innocent are happy, even international fans made tweets like, “Bro at this point it’s an OT5 group dont play with me.” One found Sakura being slightly away funny, “not sakura social distancing as she should.” Another fan reasoned, “Is she proven innocent?? if not why are they taking the chances when its harming the other members.” One commented, “They thought we forgot about what this mfker did… no.” Another said, “Was hoping they will finally kick her out well... I guess i'm not going to stan them anymore.”






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