Is JoRobe canceled? TikToker deactivates all accounts after grooming allegations

John Robert Bell aka JoRobe has deleted all his social media accounts since one of his alleged victims came forward

                            Is JoRobe canceled? TikToker deactivates all accounts after grooming allegations
John Robert Bell aka JoRobe was accused by fellow TikToker Dylan of grooming underage boys (TikTok: @jorobe, @dylg16)

TikToker JoRobe seems to have deactivated all of his social media accounts after a fellow influencer accused him of grooming underage boys on the platform. JoRobe -- whose social media moniker is an acronym for his real name John Robert Bell -- has been using TikTok for over two years now, having joined the app back in June 2019. Since then, he has amassed over 5.7 million followers across two separate accounts on the portal - both either deactivated or deleted as of now.

The accusations came from a fellow TikToker, identified as Dylan, who claims that JoRobe, 27, used his accounts to groom and prey on young, teenage boys including him. The allegation comes just three days after James Charles, who too has faced grooming allegations, was slammed again for sharing the photo of a 17-year-old teenager. In JoRobe's case, the boys he's accused of preying on, range between the ages of 15 to 19.

And while TikTok is shocked with the allegations against JoRobe -- as he was known for calling out others for wrongdoing, people are showing support for Dylan and other alleged victims of the TikToker.


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'JoRobe' seen in one of his TikTok videos (TikTok: @jorobe)

Is JoRobe canceled? 

As of Friday, July 23, both accounts owned by the TikToker with usernames @jorobe and @jorobeirl have been deactivated on the platform. His Instagram and Twitter accounts are also not showing up when searched, indicating he may have deleted or at least deactivated both. Dylan, who goes by the username @dylg16 on TikTok recently told his 347,000 followers that JoRobe is “one of the biggest hypocrites I have ever met in my life.”

The video by Dylan accusing JoRobe has amassed 2 million views in just a week. “I didn’t say anything for the past eight months because I thought I was the only one until recently, I found out that there are multiple people that John has groomed,” Dylan said in the clip. “John does not deserve to have any type of platform because if he does, he will continue this behavior and will not stop preying on teenagers. He is a disgusting and terrible person.”


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JoRobe's Airbnb and OnlyFans propositions to Dylan

JoRobe had first followed Dylan on TikTok when the latter had 30,000 followers on the app. Already famous at the time, JoRobe then asked Dylan for his Snapchat and after talking there, Dylan invited JoRobe to a Zoom call with other TikTok friends. After a while, JoRobe allegedly invited Dylan to an Airbnb for his 18th birthday, even though the day was months away at the time. Dylan thought it was a good idea as he expected other people would be there for the alleged birthday celebrations. But JoRobe then allegedly offered to buy a still minor Dylan alcohol if he agreed to stay in a one-bedroom Airbnb with the TikToker, completely dodging the question Dylan asked about whether other people would be there too. JoRobe then continued to push Dylan about the Airbnb visit for months before discontinuing the conversation without further word or explanation.

Dylan alleges that during one of their Zoom calls with Dylan's other 15-19-year-old friends, JoRobe allegedly asked the teenage boys to take a BDSM test and send him their scores to find out their kinks. Dylan also alleges that JoRobe turned him against his friends, convincing him that they talked about him behind his back. When his friends confronted him, Dylan refused to believe their accusations that JoRobe was grooming him. Ultimately, he decided to cut JoRobe off without ever confronting him. LadBible also reports that a different YouTuber had accused JoRobe of pressuring Dylan into creating an OnlyFans account once he was 18.

And based on TikTok's response to Dylan's video, there's a possibility JoRobe deactivated his accounts fearing getting publicly called out and subsequently canceled.

"I’m so sorry this happened and hope you’re doing okay. Thank you for being brave and bringing awareness about this creep. Stay strong,” one user commented on Dylan's video.

Another user said, “I’m so sorry. We believe you. What he did is not okay.” Others pointed out JoRobe's suspicious behaviour, saying the TikToker "is definitely guilty since he privated his account.” Others went farther with posting their own videos to encourage others in canceling JoRobe. The hashtag #canceljorobe has also gained over 58,000 views on TikTok, while JoRobe is yet to make a single comment or address these allegations against him.

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