Nickelodeon slammed for 'grooming' kids in Pride Month video

'Cancel Nickelodeon now!!! This is what they are pushing on your kids, folks,' said political adviser Derek Utley

                            Nickelodeon slammed for 'grooming' kids in Pride Month video
The Meaning of Pride that features Drag Queen Nina West has more dislikes on YouTube than likes (YouTube screengrab)

Twitter is having mixed reactions over Nickelodeon latest YouTube video that was aimed to share the 'meaning of Pride'. As the children's TV network pulled all the stops for promoting Pride Month, their latest example is the video that explains the meaning of the rainbow flag. Among the many reactions that the video and the channel have received, many are accusing them of grooming young children.

Performed by drag queen Nina West, the song is titled 'The Meaning of Pride' and the video's description says it's "about the meaning of the rainbow Pride flag." The description adds that "June is Pride Month, so let's celebrate by lifting up voices in the LGBTQIA+ community!" On YouTube, the video has more dislikes (at 12K) than likes (at just 1.1K). While the comments under this video are off since it was uploaded to a kid's channel, on social media, it is receiving a great deal of criticism online.


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'The Meaning of Pride' video

In 'The Meaning of Pride' video, Nina West, whose real name is Andrew Levitt and who identifies as gay and uses pronouns like he, him and his, salutes the Pride flag. The lyrics have West describing what each color in the Pride flag means. At one point, it says, "baby blue, pink, and white represents transgender people / because every letter in 'LGBTQ-plus' is equal." Next West sings that "black and brown represents the transgender people of color," and then adding, "We're all in this together." 


Is Nickelodeon canceled?

On Twitter, there are many who don't appreciate the network's Pride participation, with many calling for canceling the networl. "Cancel Nickelodeon now!!! This is what they are pushing on your kids, folks," political adviser Derek Utley tweeted. "Nickelodeon done lost their mf'n mind!" one tweeted. 

"We are living in very dark times. Pure evil," one user tweeted. Another user tweeted, "Be careful what you’re kids watch family. Satan is after their minds." One user tweeted, "Looks like pride month has turned into national grooming month."

"Absolutely disgusting that a children's network would openly be promoting sexuality in any form or fashion, regardless of one's beliefs about the debased nature of "Pride"," one user tweeted.

Some users accused the network of being disrespectful towards the community itself. "I really hate how they're extremely ramping things up this year, during pride month. They REALLY feel no shame anymore, in what they're doing & it's completely disrespectful to any LGBT person, who wants to be treated normally. It's like nickelodeon forgot parents exist." Users from the community also called out the network. "I'm also a gay guy, and don't think any 8-14 year olds are asking for this content, which should be Nickelodeon's concern. I am a regular guy; I just like other dudes. I feel that putting flamboyant depictions of gay culture on TV is ultimately not a good look and never has been."

"I have nothing against Pride month but this is just ridiculous! Nickelodeon is a kids channel that I grew up with that I use to love and if I saw this crap as a kid idk what I’d think plus showing the BLM sign at the end is absurd! Smh" another user said criticizing the video. 










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