Is Jin working on a solo album? BTS member departs for LA amid enlistment rumors

Is Jin working on a solo album? BTS member departs for LA amid enlistment rumors
Fans spot Jin of BTS leaving for LA for his solo schedule causing chaos amongst ARMYs who anticipate his solo debut with KSJ1 (Star News, Korea, Instagram/@jin)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: If there is one solo debut that BTS fans are looking forward to, it has to be the boy group's oldest member, Jin. Kim Seok Jin (Seok-jin), the oldest-born BTS member made his debut alongside the HYBE (Big Hit Entertainment) boy group in 2013 but over the years, Jin's identity had been limited to the oldest member of the group who will be the first member of BTS to enlist when the time comes for them to go for their mandatory military service.

However, now as the debate about BTS' exemption from military is going in full swing in South Korea, fans wonder why the singer has suddenly taken a trip to Los Angeles, California. On September 11, Jin departed for the US from Incheon International Airport with ruffly hair dressed in a brown jacket. As soon as Korean reporters started asking Jin about his schedule in the States, the singer revealed the true intent behind his visit and it is possible that BTS' steady-vocalist may soon be making his solo singing debut.


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Jin departs to LA for his solo schedule

With V (Kim Taehyung) being the latest member of BTS to take a trip to the states for his photoshoot, Jin surprised fans by taking a sudden trip to the US himself. Unlike the other members of BTS, Jin is an actual homebody which is why it was shocking to see the BTS singer on a solo international trip. According to fans, Korean reporters asked Jin about the intent behind his visit to the US, which was initially reported to be an international work schedule.

The fan claims that Jin himself told reporters that his trip to LA serves two purposes. He is reportedly working on his solo photoshoot for ELLE Magazine while the singer also admitted to being on a music-related schedule on the trip as he was accompanied by the creative team of Bighit Music for his trip to LA. One fan said, "OP asked a reporter whether Jin is going to LA for his main job or photoshoot, the reporter replied for both. Music + photoshoot." 


'Are we getting KSJ1?'

With this rumor, fans have already started anticipating KSJ1 (Kim Seok-jin 1) calling it the BTS member's solo debut album. One fan said, "SEOKJIN IS GOING TO LA FOR HIS MAIN JOB & PHOTOSHOOT. SO WHAT ARE WE GETTING?? A COLLAB? A FEATURE?? KSJ1??" Another fan said, "Okay so apparently Seokjin is going to LA to shoot something.....ksj1? Photoshoot? Model Jin? Whatever it is I am not ready." Another fan wondered, "JIN IS LEAVING FOR LA??? FOR WHAT??? KSJ1??? ACTOR JIN???? TELL MEEEE!!!" One fan said, "Jin my beloved, go to LA and record ksj1 please." Another said, "Jin is going to la? ksj1 is coming."






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