The Real BTS: Who is Kim Seokjin? All about Jin who boasts of unwavering steady vocals

The Real BTS: Who is Kim Seokjin? All about Jin who boasts of unwavering steady vocals
Jin had hoped to become an actor before debuting with BTS (BTS/

Popularly known as Jin, BTS' oldest member has been given many names by fans. From his birth name Kim Seok-jin (Seokjin) to his identification names -- World Wide Handsome, World Wide Shoulders and Eat Jin, BTS' 'makhyung' (oldest born) goes by many names. Fans of BTS, who have been there from Day 1, are aware that Jin is just a child in an adult's body. Jin made his entry into BTS by rejecting a big K-pop label, and look where it has gotten him. Not only are HYBE and Big Hit Music (then Big Hit Entertainment) the biggest K-pop companies in the world, they are now also managing international singers like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

Despite having an inclination to act, Jin gave up his dream of acting and made his debut as a member of BTS. Jin has often talked about making an acting debut, but the singer never really got a chance to do so over his years with BTS. Now with BTS having more freedom to explore their solo careers, fans are hopeful that Jin would finally be able to live his dream of becoming an actor.


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Who is Kim Seokjin?

Starting his K-pop journey rather late, Jin made his debut at the age of 20. Jin started off as the visual and center of the group - every K-pop group has one and the role suited him the best. Following his years in BTS, the singer was able to shine his vocals for the first time when BTS released his single 'Tonight'. Jin has the ability to sing multiple notes in one breath, which shows how hard he has trained his voice over the last nine years with BTS. Over time, his childlike innocence, dad jokes, affection for younger BTS members as well as acts of love like making good food for members of BTS turned him into the 'parent of BTS'.

Jin loves to eat and his live sessions with fans in the past always revolved around food, which gave him the title "Eat Jin". Despite being the oldest BTS member aka the hyung of the group, Jin is known as the 'fake maknae' (youngest member) of the group because he is often seen engaging in mischief with the maknae line - Jimin, V, and Jungkook, especially Jungkook. At every given opportunity, Jin bragged that he practically raised Jungkook from the age of 14 and made him into the man he is today, which is evident because Jungkook takes a lot after his Jin Hyung.


Kim Seokjin also boasts of a pretty amazing solo journey over the years, whether hosting an award show flawlessly or being part of the survival variety show 'Law of the Jungle', where his antics like fishing using an ARMY bomb (BTS' Lightstick) or yelling in melodious notes after being scared had fans rooting for the singer to have more solo gigs outside of BTS. Jin not only has the widest shoulders at 48 inches but also his signature moves that send ARMY over the moon, pun intended.


What to expect from Jin in the future?

Over the years, Jin has not let the child in him die, which comes out during every BTS concert as he prepares something special for fans. Be it the 'Jin Heart Event' or his recent stint at their 'PTD on Stage' concerts, where each day he boasted a new hairdo. The last few years have worked out pretty well for Jin and the singer now has a well-defined range of solo music to call his own. From songs like 'Tonight', 'Mom', 'Abyss' that were released on SoundCloud to songs 'Awake', 'Epiphany', and 'Moon' that were his solo tracks on BTS albums, Jin has proved his mettle as a soloist.

Jin made his OST singing debut with member V for the 2016 K-drama 'Hwarang: Poet, Warrior and Youth', where he sang 'It's Definitely You' but made his solo debut in 2021 with single 'Yours', which is part of K-drama 'Jirisan'. A song about his love for fishing and tuna fish titled 'Super Tuna' was dropped on Jin's 30th birthday in 2021 and despite being a funny song that was released as a joke, the single topped multiple charts, proving that Jin will surely have a successful musical future.


With his love for cooking, fans are hoping that Jin gets his own cooking variety show or that he participates in variety shows with his actor friends from the Korean Entertainment industry. Fans are also eagerly waiting for him to have his acting debut and live his dream. Fans also cannot wait for Jin to release his new album as a solo artist. Currently, Jin is living in his house that, according to BTS members, looks like a "Newlywed's house" but has a tent in the middle of its living room. Aside from being BTS' high-note king, Jin also likes to pass his time gaming and is an avid Alpaca fan.

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