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BTS' Jin goes SHIRTLESS on Jeju Island, promotes tourism, fans say: 'Power of Seokjin'

Days after Jin's shirtless photo went viral, tourists started gathering at the same location to get a photo in the exact spot as Jin
With his recent Instagram posts, BTS Jin (pictured) helped boost tourism at South Korea's Jeju Island and other places he visited (@jin/Instagram)
With his recent Instagram posts, BTS Jin (pictured) helped boost tourism at South Korea's Jeju Island and other places he visited (@jin/Instagram)

BTS announced their group hiatus and shocked the entire music industry but fans were happy knowing that members of the boy group would have a lot more time to do the things they love. With BTS only having opened their solo Instagram handles, there was a lot of attention being put to what was being posted by the members on their personal handles. RM (Kim Namjoon) made art-inspired posts, while J-Hope's initial Instagram was aesthetically arranged. V (Kim Taehyung) posted photos of himself on magazine covers and photo shoots, while Jungkook deleted more than he ever posted and members Suga, Jin, and Jimin usually lay low-key on Instagram, keeping their posts minimal.

On June 26, Jin (Kim Seokjin), the oldest member of BTS took Twitter by storm after he posted a shirtless photo on Instagram to reveal the friendship tattoo on his back. The post from Jin was followed by more photos of his travel to Jeju Island of South Korea that had fans cheering the member to post more photos on Twitter as BTS members have limited comments on their posts on Instagram. In his photos, Jin also visited a place called Big Ball Land and drew fans aka ARMY's name on the sand at the beach. With all this, Jin had already taken over the hearts of fans who had started making their own plans to travel to the same places as Jin.


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Jin helps promote tourism in South Korea

Over the years, fans of BTS have notoriously sold out everything that BTS touches. Be it lip balms or Jungkook's flavored kombucha, anything that the BTS members reveal to fans is immediately sold out the day after. So is the case of BTS Jin who visited Jeju Island for a fun trip and eventually helped boost tourism at the places he was at. Days after Jin's shirtless post at Jeju Island went viral, fans noticed that tourists started pouring into the same location trying to get a photo in the same spot as Jin. One fan said, "This one pic alone is going to boom the tourism of that beach. Next time Seokjin will go there, he ain't finding a place to stand."


The Korean Tourism Organization also made a tweet talking about the Big Ball Land in Jeju Island and promoted it using Jin's representative emoji - the hamster as well as paired it with his hashtags. The post read, "BTS Jin's Jeju Island Pick - You can get inside a huge ball and roll and roll. The Big Ball rolls like a wheel for a 🐹."


They also added the hashtag #SEOKJIN with his real name to boost the reach of the post and fans started praising the BTS leader for his classy behavior that is helping promote tourism in South Korea. One fan said, "I just want to say that--whatever Seokjin does, he remains classy and tasteful. He didn't just expose his perfect back with his 7 tattoo in his bedroom, he's in Jeju Island looking over the blue sea." Another fan said. "Right! Say thanks to Seokjin for promoting tourism in Korea." Another fan said, "The power of Seokjin never stops." One fan said, "With his viral Jeju visit, Korea tourism loving Seokjin as ambassador."





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