Is Blackpink Jennie dating BIGBANG's G-Dragon again? Fans say 'not his house' as photo sparks rumors

Is Blackpink Jennie dating BIGBANG's G-Dragon again? Fans say 'not his house' as photo sparks rumors
G-Dragon’s Instagram story featured a photo of Blackpink’s Jennie which had Korean media reporting that the duo could be dating (@jennierubyjane; @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram)

While labelmates G Dragon and Jennie are both living their best lives, Korean media outlets are under fire for pushing out stories without doing enough research. K-pop idols are often swept up in dating rumors, to the point that anything and everything they post online gets scrutinized by eagle-eyed watchers who are willing to risk everything in order to reveal a new couple. Over the past few months, K-pop has seen several rumors, from claims that Stray Kids’ Hyunjin was dating aespa’s Karina over a phone wallpaper to rumors of ITZY’s Yuna dating Enhypen’s Jay over their love for burgers.

Besides, (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon was rumored to be dating The Boyz’ Hyunjae after they were spotted in similar outfits while actress Go Min-si was rumored to be with RnB singer Gray thanks to their similar OOTDs on Instagram. In another instance, actress Kwon Ah-reum was rumored to be dating NCT 127’s Doyoung over her Instagram caption. With everything idols and actors post online being analyzed, a new photo posted on BIGBANG G-Dragon aka GD’s Instagram story was bound to be blown out of proportion, with allegations flying around that he was dating Blackpink’s Jennie.


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BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Blackpink's Jennie are labelmates from YG Entertainment who have been embroiled in dating rumors since 2020 (@xxxibgdrgn; @jennierubyjane/Instagram)


Are G-Dragon and Jennie dating again?

On May 11, G-Dragon took to Instagram to post several photos from his meeting with Chanel stylists. G-Dragon (also known as Kwon Ji-yong), the leader of BIGBANG, is also Chanel's brand ambassador. Alongside him, Blackpink’s Jennie is also known to be a global ambassador of the brand and the two are managed by the same label, YG Entertainment. In the photos posted on G-Dragon’s Instagram story, media pages noticed photos of Jennie from one of her Chanel photoshoots in the background.

Back in December 2021, it was reported that the BIGBANG member was dating the ‘SOLO’ singer for a long time as Jennie was spotted going to and from GD’s house. Neither the duo nor YG Entertainment ever confirmed any of the rumors and fans eventually deemed them false. YG Entertainment has been known to be supportive of their artists dating publicly in the past and fans have been appreciative of the label for the same.

Korean media pointed out photos of Jennie in the background of G-Dragon's Instagram story (@xxxibgdrgn; @jennierubyjane/Instagram)


Now, as a photo of Jennie is seen in the background of one of G-Dragon’s stories, Korean media is drawing conclusions about the two idols dating as they claim that the BIGBANG member has a photo of Jennie in his house.



‘We do better research than you’

However, fans revealed that G-Dragon was not at his house but was at the Chanel Headquarters. The photos posted on the Instagram story of the BIGBANG member were from one of his meetings with the Chanel stylists. Fans say it is natural to have a photo of Jennie in the background because she represents the brand. One fan said, “NO, that is not his house. Dont you feel embarrassed that we do better research than you?”

One fan said, “Koreaboo and dispatch are clowns.” Another said, “dvmb as s**t this is a CHANEL HQ and Jennie is the House Ambassador of Chanel ofc her mags will be there.” Someone added, “Like wt!!! Respect their privacy dating or not I’m happy for the both of them. They’re adults already and they know what they’re doing. I’ll support and respect their relationship.”

However, some tweets were more acerbic, as one said, “I mean Dispatch itself who exposing them first and announced they are dating and YG doesn't even deny it, just their fans so denial, blink can't accept their fav dating a drug addict and player like GD, lol.” A fan responded, “Dispatch didn't even have photos of them together so where is the proof and yg mostly don't respond to artist dating romurs literally Jennie herself said she is a single and g dragon said it's not even his house and he moved from there long ago leave her alone.”






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