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(G)I-DLE fans shut down rumors of Miyeon dating The Boyz’s Hyunjae ahead of solo debut

Rumors online suggest that Miyeon of (G)I-DLE is dating The Boyz’s Hyunjae after they were both spotted wearing the exact same outfits on various occasions
(G)I-DLE's Miyeon gets embroiled in dating rumors with The Boyz's Hyunjae ahead of her solo debut (, @official_theboyz/Instagram)
(G)I-DLE's Miyeon gets embroiled in dating rumors with The Boyz's Hyunjae ahead of her solo debut (, @official_theboyz/Instagram)

A dating rumor is not something that fans of K-pop are not used to but with the Korean news website, Dispatch, choosing not to reveal any new K-pop celeb couples this New Year as per their yearly tradition, there have been very few K-pop dating rumors in 2022. When it comes to such speculations, the idols involved take it upon themselves to clear the air and put an end to the dating rumor but oftentimes, it is fans that take the lead and clear the air for their faves.

Such is the case for (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon who is now the newest member of the girl group to make her solo debut. On April 23 it was revealed that Miyeon was rumored to be dating The Boyz’s Hyungjae. Korean media reported many instances of Miyeon and Hyunjae wearing the exact same outfits and twinning which is a couples trend in South Korea.


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Is (G)I-DLE Miyeon dating The Boyz’s Hyunjae?

While nothing has been confirmed or denied yet, the rumors that surfaced online alleged that (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon was romantically involved with The Boyz’s Hyunjae. The rumors talked about how Hyunjae reacted to the third-gen girl group member Miyeon during her appearance on the variety show ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ when she appeared in one of the performances for BTOB. In the performance, Miyeon played the role of an actress that was dating BTOB’s Minhyuk who played the role of a spot boy.

The chemistry between Minhyuk and Miyeon got a wild response from all the K-pop groups that participated in the variety show but the rumor points out that Hyunjae’s reaction was rather appeared to be rather unfavorable. The rumors also pointed out that both idols, Miyeon and Hyunjae were wearing the exact same outfits on the same day and it seemed like a pattern.

Korean fans point out Hyunjae's reaction to Miyeon's 'Kingdom: Legendary War' performances as well as instances when the two were seen in matching outfits (Natepann)

Not only when it comes to outfits, but also headgears and lip balms, it was revealed that Miyeon and Hyunjae had alarmingly always used the exact same product. Now since there is no response to these rumors from the labels of both K-pop idols, fans of Miyeon have taken charge to shut down these baseless comments.


'This rumor is so baseless LOL'

Neverlands (fans of (G)I-DLE) who are ready for Miyeon’s solo debut and do not want for it to be tainted by any dating rumor suggest that while Hyunjae’s reaction to her performance on Kingdom seemed odd, it was also a one-second clip which can be interpreted in several ways. Fans also claim that it is not odd to find two people wearing the same clothes as one fan sarcastically stated, “Now idk if people know this but usually you buy clothes from stores, and in those stores, there’s usually more than one piece of clothing. like, i once went into a store and there was like thirty IDENTICAL shirts hanging on a rack… it sounds crazy but i promise y’all it’s true!"

One fan joked, "Fake!! because Miyeon is already married with Shuhua." One fan claimed, "This is so funny how ppl are trying to start this right before her solo debut the logic is that omg they breathed air in same room and wore same clothes that fans gifted them lmao, even if they were good for them but it seems like bs targeted towards miyeon before comeback lol." Another fan said, "This rumor is so baseless LOL but i mean if they are then congrats ? they’re both my biases." 

One more fan added, "Wait wait wait, if I buy the same outfit... I could date both of them... ??" Another fan joked, "Sorry, everyone she's just too busy with her solo to date rn, she won't date even me." One fan commented, "Miyeon barely has time to sleep and you swear she would have to date? PLEASE." Another fan joked, "I didn't even know also never heard of it that there was a rumour of hyunjae miyeon dating lmfao i only need to buy matching outfits with them so the three of us would be dating."