Is the song 'Typa Girl' sexist? Blackpink fans say the 'pick me lyrics irk me'

Is the song 'Typa Girl' sexist? Blackpink fans say the 'pick me lyrics irk me'
Blackpink's 'Typa Girl' lyrics has fans divided (@blackpinkofficial/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Blackpink is back with their second album 'Born Pink and it's both a critical and commercial success. Many fans were impressed that the lead single 'Shut Down' sampled classical music and experimented with hip hop to create something entirely new. The rest of the tracks in the album were also applauded as they varied in genres from ballads to pop rock. But one song, 'Typa Girl' has Blackpink fans divided.

Where there is fame, there will be haters present and it is no different for Blackpink, one of the biggest K-pop groups at the moment. Well, to shut down their haters, three of the 'Born Pink' tracks -- 'Shut Down', 'Tally' and 'Typa Girl' is a diss to the haters. But the lyrics for 'Typa Girl' has irked some fans as it has a 'pick me' message that can be considered sexist and misogynist.


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Blackpink's 'Typa Girl' lyrics has fans divided (@BLACKPINK/Twitter)
Blackpink's 'Typa Girl' lyrics has fans divided (@BLACKPINK/Twitter)


'Type Girl' lyrics considered sexist

'Pick me' girl is a label given to those girls who put down other girls and claim they are different to get the attention of men. In fact, just months ago supergroup Girls On Top which had aespa, Red Velvet and Girls' Generation members, was slammed for singing a song with a 'pick me' message. With Blackpink already being popular, fans shared their music did not need to put down other women to be a diss track for the haters. It should also be noted that unfortunately, the girls are not allowed to release their own music with male producers like Teddy being responsible for such songs. 'Typa Girl' is written by songwriter Bekuh Boom who is also a woman making everyone wonder why she added misogynist undertones to the song.

While most of the song is dissing haters while Blackpink flex how rich, pretty and successful they are, at one point 'Typa Girl' veers towards them being a 'pick me' girl. The lyrics go, "I'm not like these other girls at all/I'm the typa girl that makes you forget that you got a type/Type that make you love me when the only thing you done is like." Black fans also found the AAVE (African-American vernacular language) slangs odd especially since Bekuh Boom is a white woman.

'Gives pick me vibes'

One fan posted, "The lyrics to typa girl gives pick me vibes but it goes so hard." Another commented, "I love typa girl sm but that one lyric "im not like these other girls at all" NAURRRR is this gonna be the pick me girls' new anthem?" One fan tweeted, "Typa girl from #BORNPINK is so good like it sounds nice but only if i just LISTEN to it without processing the lyrics like the lyrics irk me." Another fan posted, "I like typa girl too, but the rampant aave lol. you would have thought bekuh boom is black but nah miss rebecca rose johnson is the whitest woman i’ve ever seen lmfao. (i just googled)."








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