'Inventing Anna' Episode 2: Anna's real identity exposed? Her crazy lavish life unveiled

'Inventing Anna' Episode 2: Anna's real identity exposed? Her crazy lavish life unveiled
Julia Garner as Anna Delvey, and James Cusati Moyer as Val in 'Inventing Anna' (Netflix)

The first episode of Netflix’s limited series ‘Inventing Anna’ gave us an idea about who the real Anna “Delvey” Sorokin was. Although she looked like a normal-looking youngster, there was something about her that made her unique. That uniqueness took her into the society of wealthy people.

However, the second episode tells us how she actually posed as a young-looking woman who belonged to a rich family. We go back in time and get to know that Anna (Julia Garner) had really good taste in fashion and everything she did. Even if it was food, she knew she had to go to a fancy restaurant and not a McDonald’s. So, Vivian (Anna Chlumsky) meets people who were close to Anna, but it seems they also want to maintain some distance from her.



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Her friend Neff (Alexis Floyd) meets Rachel (Katie Lowes) and asks her to visit the prison with her so that Anna could be looked after. Rachel says no and confirms that she won’t visit her. On the other hand, Kacy Duke (Laverne Cox) tells Neff that the person in the prison is not the Anna they knew. She is a stranger and she is not risking her life for a total stranger.

On the other hand, Vivian meets Val (James Cusati-Moyer), one of Anna’s closest friends, to know more about her. Val reveals how she always liked things that were top of the table and never liked wearing anything cheap. When Vivian reaches the office, he and her team get to know more about her through her Instagram feed. She finds out that Anna had a boyfriend named Chase who used to pay for everything. But Anna was a millionaire? So, why was anyone else paying for her? The excuse she gave everyone was that her father was angry at her.


Anna Chlumsky as Vivian Kent in 'Inventing Anna' (Netflix)


Vivian also finds that Anna met Talia Mallay (Jennifer Esposito) and went out on a vacation with her. Vivian meets Talia, who tells her that they did a vacation on a yacht in Ibiza where she helped her boyfriend in getting a deal. However, Talia got really mad at her after she got to know that she didn’t leave the yacht after they all left. That caused friction between them and they never talked again.

The first instance where it is felt that Anna is nothing but a scammer is when the hotel tells her to show a working credit card or else they (she and Val) will be not allowed to enter their rooms. This happens after Anna had a big fight with Chase. Ann completely loses it and says that her dad is making her life miserable. While going through the baggage, Val finds out that Anna’s real name is not Anna Delvey, it is Anna Sorokin. She was Russian and was born just out of Moscow.


Saamer Usmani as Chase Sikorski in 'Inventing Anna' (Netflix)


Val checked her passport because Chase asked him to as he believed that something is fishy about Anna. However, a few moments later, Chase reveals that Val went through her baggage and accused her of being a catfish. Val is shocked and tells Anna that Chase told him to do it. Anna didn’t believe him and left.

In a flashback moment, we see what exactly happened. Chase confronted her about her identity and she told him that she was going to make a foundation in New York that would give artists like her home and she doesn’t want anyone to come in between. She asks Chase in a seductive voice if he’ll be coming in between. He says no. To which, she replied, “Why did you go through my passport?” He puts the blame on Val and told her that it was Val who told him everything.

That entire scenario gave us an idea of how controlling and manipulative Anna was. Setting up a foundation was her dream and it seems that she was never appreciated as an artist when she was an intern fashion designer. Maybe that’s the reason a con artist was born.


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