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Laverne Cox challenged to a fight by 'To Tell the Truth' host Anthony Anderson

Exclusive footage from 'To Tell the Truth' shows Anthony Anderson admitting that he would fight Laverne Cox if she wasn't wearing heels
UPDATED FEB 17, 2020
Laverne Cox (Source : Getty Images)
Laverne Cox (Source : Getty Images)

If you’re dreading the end of 4th of July celebrations and need something to look forward to, we’ve got something you might be interested in. Prepare yourself for a humor-packed episode of ‘To Tell the Truth’ on July 8. Sunday night’s episode of the game show has a star-studded couch, featuring Yvette Nicole Brown, Laverne Cox, Tony Hale, Jalen Rose, and of course, the king of comedy Anthony Anderson, who hosts the show. So, clear out your schedule and get ready to roll on the floor laughing.

In every round of the show, the celebrity panel is introduced to three participants who all claim to be the same person with the same job and peculiar traits. The twist lies in the fact that two of the participants are attempting to deceive the panel while only one of them is telling the truth. The celebrities and participants engage in an extensive question and answer session, where the panel drills each participant mercilessly in an attempt to figure out who is telling the truth.

An exclusive preview of the show reveals a hilarious back-and-forth banter between the gorgeous Laverne and Anthony. At the climax of the episode, Anthony asks Laverne which participant she thinks is telling the truth and her answer is met with some humorous mockery from the host himself.

Laverne thinks participant one is telling the truth, despite the fact that she doesn’t seem to recall an extremely important and inspirational part of her life. Anthony is quick to question her choice with a sarcastic remark. He says, “So, Laverne, you mean the one paragraph that inspired her to build this shire community that she could not remember is what made you pick her?”

Laverne stands her ground, looking fairly confident in her navy-blue dress. She simply twirls her hair and yells back at Anthony in good spirit, “Anthony is coming for me!” Anthony being his comedic self, extends his arms and exclaims, “This is how we play the game!” To which, Laverne responds with a hearty laugh.

Anthony then calmly remarks, “If you weren’t wearing your heels, we’d fight.” Laverne revealed her inner queen with her response. She said, “You know I’d win,” playing with her hair.

You probably know Laverne Cox from her role as Sophia Burset in the Netflix Original ‘Orange is the New Black.’ She is the first openly transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award in the acting category.

For a laid-back and fun night, tune in to ABC this Sunday night at 10 PM to watch the fourth episode of this season’s ‘To Tell the Truth.’