Netflix 'The Coyotes': 5 things to know about thrill-filled Belgian limited series

A group of teens, a hidden stash of diamonds and everyone full of greed. What could happen? Anything and everything

                            Netflix 'The Coyotes': 5 things to know about thrill-filled Belgian limited series
Official poster for 'The Coyotes' (coyotesnetflix/Instagram)

Netflix is getting ready to bring home a new thriller series filled with suspense, betrayal, and danger. 'The Coyotes' is a Belgian limited series that has been acquired by the streaming network and is soon to hit screens all over the world, so fans of the genre can keep themselves ready for another treat.

'The Coyotes' will see a scout group arrive at Camp Warnaffe for their big summer expedition where they get up to a bunch of mischiefs. But things take a turn after a drug-fuelled night at a quarry which leads the group of teens to stumble upon a cave with precious diamonds in it. What follows is danger and trials in the Netflix thriller series.


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When does 'The Coyotes' release and where to watch it?

'The Coyotes' is set to release on December 2, 2021. You can watch it on Netflix.

What is 'The Coyotes' about?

According to Netflix's synopsis for 'The Coyotes', 'a close group of summer campers finds diamonds in the woods, setting off a wild ordeal that tests their friendship — and puts their lives in danger.' The trailer shows Kevin stumble upon drugs with him sharing the information and planning on turning his life around. But nothing comes that easy as we danger and betrayal follow. The kids are not alone with many adults knowing of the hidden loot and all of them after it. 

Who stars in the Netflix Belgian limited series?

Louka Minnella as Kevin

Louka Minella is an Belgian actor. His works include the 2016 french crime mystery 'The Unknown Girl' ( La fille inconnue) , the dramas 'Those Who Work' (Ceux qui travaillent) in 2018, 'Nuclear Family',' Harcelés' and 'Sans soleil' in 2021. He will be portraying one of the lead characters - Kevin, in the Belgian thriller series 'The Coyotes'. 


The rest of the cast consists of Kassim Meesters as Furet,Sarah Ber as Mangouste, Dara Tombroff as Marie, Anas El Marcouchi as Mouss, Magali Texeira as Dona, Leo Moreau as Freddo,Victoria Bluck as Panda, Tessa Balzano as Impala, Steve Driesen as Moyersoen, Nilton Martins as Angelo and Félix Vannoorenberghe as Doberman.


'The Coyotes' was developed by Axel du Bus de Warnaffe, Vincent Lavachery, and Anne-Lise Morin.


Click below to have a sneak peek into what 'The Coyotes' offers.


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