'Invasion' Episode 8: 'Bad, boring writing' and sluggish pace has fans falling asleep

Apple TV's sci-fi thriller continues with a dissapointing streak of slow episodes

                            'Invasion' Episode 8: 'Bad, boring writing' and sluggish pace has fans falling asleep
Shamier Anderson as Trevante Ward in 'Invasion' (Apple TV+)

'Invasion' follows the story of an unprecedented alien invasion on Earth with mankind left scrambling in confusion and trying to survive the ordeal. But the sci-fi thriller which was much anticipated has let down fans.

Apple TV+'s 'Invasion' has turned out to be a show that just refuses to give and viewers have not ignored this fact. Criticism continues to come in with this week being no different. Read on to know what viewers thought of the eighth episode. 


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The show about aliens which has been poorly lacking in the extraterrestrials has left viewers unhappy. After introducing the aliens at the midpoint of the show, the sixth episode which did a 180, with a thrilling episode gave everyone hope that the show would finally become worth watching. But sadly, it turned out to be a false hope as after that one episode the sci-fi series that claims to be a thriller returned back to being anything but thrilling. 

Backtracking to family drama that sees Aneesha have an affair, Trevante have little to no action and a confusing plan to beat the aliens by Casper, Episode 8 was yet again entirely disappointing with only the Japanese plotline serving as a decent cliffhanger. Fans who have been following the Apple TV+ show are sick of it all and have begun hate-watching, just to see how the slow show ends. They took to Twitter to criticize yet another unsatisfying episode. Read on to know what viewers had to say.

A viewer commented, 'Episode 8 is truly laughable... Should I stop here with #InvasionAppleTV ? In a destroyed world, you find a red telephone booth in a park in London with free calls to the USA! Yeah, sure... why not? But there is much more to laugh about that series...'. A user also said, "The writing on #InvasionAppleTV is so bad. They do all this character development then episode 7-8 throw some random love triangle into the mix. Wtf?". A tweet read, "It’s so bad . I tried giving it a chance but there is literally no character development and pacing is so slow. Cancellation incoming #Invasion #InvasionAppleTV ".

A user also commented, "Another week of #HateWatching #InvasionAppleTV these characters are actually the worst.". Yet another tweet read, "I fell asleep during that scene. #InvasionAppleTV is boring." A viewer said, "This show is so depressing #InvasionAppleTV ". 













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