Apple TV+ 'Invasion' Episode 1: Will Sheriff John Bell Tyson survive?

The extraterrestrials are here and they've begun to show their frightening presence in 'Invasion' on Apple TV+

                            Apple TV+ 'Invasion' Episode 1: Will Sheriff John Bell Tyson survive?
Sam Neill as Sheriff John Bell Tyson (AppleTV+)

Spoilers for 'Invasion' Episode 1 'Love of my Life'

Apple TV + just dropped the first episode of its ambitious new thriller and it was quite ominous. 'Invasion' is the new series based on aliens, an alien invasion to be more specific as the title suggests. The show will follow the events that transpire from different points of view of people on earth.

The season premiere introduced us to various characters all over the globe as they experience the initial signs of the infestation. The episode left a lot of unanswered questions, the biggest one being about Sheriff John Bell Tyson (Sam Neill). Read on to know what happened in the drama and why this character may not make it.


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Crows in a cornfield

Episode 1 titled "Love of My Life" saw the introduction of various characters, one of them being Sheriff John Bell Tyson (Sam Neill). We see the scene open in Idabel, Oklahoma in the USA as the Sheriff gets ready for his last day of work. It's his retirement party at night but not before one last goodbye. At the police station, we see him fondly look at his sheriff's star as he expects a dull last day. Soon enough a case comes calling about a missing truck and boys, from one of the farmers in the district. They've apparently stolen his truck and made off. John and his partner go to investigate expecting the usual troublemakers to just be playing tricks. On reaching the cornfield we see the sheriff notice something odd - a murder of crows surrounding a patch in the cornfield.

John climbs a tower to get a better look, seeing the patch is much larger than it looks. Reaching the spot, he and the deputy see that a depression has been created in the middle of the field and find the truck they've been looking for, but not the boys. In a freak occurrence, thousands of insects suddenly swarm toward them as they're forced to take cover. On their way back John talks about how he feels he hasn't done anything meaningful in life 'his purpose' as he calls it. He thinks this case needs him and that god has sent him a sign. Later at his retirement party for his service of 45 years, he walks out in the middle of his speech as the case keeps bothering him. In the pitch-black night, he goes into the cornfield and stands right in the middle of the depression and yells to the sky, " COME ON, SHOW ME!". Call it fate or coincidence but he gets a sign and it's not good. The ground below him suddenly sinks in some places as we see movement underground. He digs desperately yelling out the missing boys' names. But it's not the boys down there, it's entirely something else...

In a split second we a dark apparition hit his neck as the sheriff crumples up and falls to the ground with a faint image of a creature blending into the darkness.

Is the sheriff dead or unconscious? What did he find? We are left to wonder about the fate of this officer as he lies alone in the middle of the cornfield surrounded by a mysterious danger. Will he make it, or is this the end of the line for him is the question left unanswered.


'Invasion' is now streaming on Apple TV +. 

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