'Invasion' Episode 2: After failing to abandon family, will Ahmed betray them again?

In the face of an alien invasion, individuals will have to survive conditions they never expected in their wildest dreams in 'Invasion' on AppleTV+

                            'Invasion' Episode 2: After failing to abandon family, will Ahmed betray them again?
Firas Nassar as Ahmed Malik in 'Invasion' (AppleTV+)

The first three episodes of 'Invasion' are now streaming on Apple TV+ and fans of the alien invasion genre can tune in and watch. 'Invasion' will explore the events that occur globally as the earth is invaded by aliens and sees unprecedented levels of destruction occur.

The Apple TV+ series takes a cool approach as we see the attacks from the point of view of different people around the world. The first two episodes gave us a glimpse into what's to come as signs of the alien invasion start getting more apparent. One of these viewpoints is from the eyes of the Malik family in Long Island, New York, in the USA, which consists of mom Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani), dad Ahmed (Firas Nassar), daughter Sarah (Tara Moayedi) and son Luke (Azhy Robertson). As the family tries to deal with the situation we see problems crop up. Read on to know more about what happened and why we think Ahmed is not to be trusted.


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Will Ahmed stick with his family or will he betray them?

Episode 1 saw the husband of Aneesha Malik (Golshifteh Farahani) having an affair with another woman while the rest of his family waited for him to come home. After Aneesha finds out we see him unashamed as she confronts him about it. The second episode shows the aftermath of the power outages and destruction due to the mysterious objects which hit everyone's houses in the neighborhood, destroying them. Oddly enough, the Malik's house is the only one unharmed. As Ahmed tells his wife he'll try and make a call for help, she picks up another phone which connects and listens in. Turns out the unfaithful man was making a call to check up on his lover as Aneesha listens on in disgust. As the family grabs stuff to take and leave the city, we see Ahmed lost in his own thoughts as Aneesha takes charge of the kids. Once outside we see the family have car troubles as their Tesla is low on charge. We see the Malik's neighbors taking off in their own car as well. Ahmed runs out and takes this opportunity to ask for help for his family or so we thought...Turns out the cowardly man was trying to abandon his family right in front of them as he desperately pleads to just take him and not the rest. Aneesha steps out in shock and disbelief at her husband's cowardice as she orders him to step back in the car.

In the episode, we also see Ahmed tell Aneesha that he was going to leave them this week. As we see the 'family man' reveal his true colors it is hard to not question him and how he operates. The one who was so comfortably abandoning his wife and kids in the face of adversity, calling to check up on his lover, and exhibiting general trustworthiness seems likely to repeat his actions.

Although forced to come along for now, it's left to see what Ahmed will do next. Will he try to make a run again? Will he betray his wife and kids? Only the next episodes will tell us.

'Invasion' is now streaming on 'Apple TV+.

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