'Into the Night' Season 2 Review: Netflix thriller now even better than Season 1

This installment all but screams for a third season, which we're pretty sure is on the way

                            'Into the Night' Season 2 Review: Netflix thriller now even better than Season 1
A still from 'Into the Night' Season 2 (Netflix)

Contains minor spoilers for 'Into the Night' Season 2

When the mind-bending dystopian thriller made its debut in 2020, it went on to garner many accolades. Rotten Tomatoes rated it an impressive 88%. It was supposed to be a foreign mid-air hijacking actioner but it threw in a major sci-fi storyline in six episodes that run just over 30 minutes. The pattern hardly changes in the second season, and is equally a humdinger, just like its predecessor, and no surprises, there's a third season in the offing.

It's a comparison that seems mighty bold, but after Season 2, safe to say, this one's right alongside some of the gems Netflix has dished out over the years in ‘Who Killed Sara?’, ‘Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes’ and ‘Dark’.


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It's sheer pedal to the metal in the new season as the survivors led by Sylvie (Pauline Etienne) fend off the sun and the twisted safety the military bunker promised to offer. It's a very from dire to damned dire straits as new obstacles drop in at will and make their chances of survival bleaker by the minute. Each episode named after one of the key characters starts off with a bit of a flashback, and zips back to the present — and their pasts weren't something these characters fondly looked back on to forget the distasteful present they're in.

A still from 'Into the Night' Season 2 (Netflix)

Each episode has tension and a suspense-filled storyline that seldom slows down. There are new faces but aren't fleshed out. There are deaths, but that's just an indication that the show didn't compromise on its hard-hitting factor. There's a change of setting, and that just adds to the brilliance. There's supposedly a third party involved, but they're not unmasked and that just might sting considering the audience just sat through roughly three-and-a-half hours of scintillating content.

Season 2 of 'Into the Night' gets going only from Episode 4 where there's hope, something that serves as a massive cliche in every disaster or pandemic-themed film. But it also induces that grim reality where hope can be short-lived. The characters, like the pilot season, are split up again and this time odds are, not all make it back. But we don't know what the final outcome is. Not yet. We wish it was the ending '2012' or 'San Andreas' had, but we're not sure. All we know is that this one keeps you on the edge.

'Into the Night' was partly successful in its opening season due to its cast. Talented and giving nothing away, they bring in a touch of relatability and while they seem to do the impossible, they manage to project the image of "against-all-odds-kinda-people' spot on. Season 1 was underrated. This installment all but screams for a third season, which we're pretty sure is on the way.

'Into the Night' Season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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