'Post Mortem No One Dies in Skarnes' Ending Explained

The ending suggests that we might see more of Live's adventures in the near future

                            'Post Mortem No One Dies in Skarnes' Ending Explained
A still from 'Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes' (Netflix)

The Norwegian series ‘Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes’ has finally been released on Netflix and is undoubtedly one of the best TV shows in recent years. It's another winner for the streaming platform whose international catalog is filled with amazing projects and engaging storylines.

Shows like ‘Biohackers’, ‘Who Killed Sara?’ and ‘Lupin’ are some of the shining examples of extraordinary international ventures on the streaming service. The latest Norwegian series also reaches the level of the aforementioned titles and gives us a fresh perspective on a classic vampire story. The story focus on a young woman named Live (Kathrine Thoroberg Johansen) suddenly waking up from the dead when her autopsy was being done. A few moments later she was deemed fit to get discharged and leading a normal life until one day.


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She found work as a nurse in a medical facility and while collecting a blood sample, she gets to know the changes that have come after the near-death experience. She has become a vampire-like creature who craves blood and sacrifices other people’s lives for the sake of her survival.

But what happens in the end? Does she get to know how she became like that? Let’s find out how the series concluded.

A still from 'Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes' (Netflix)

‘Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes’ Ending Explained

In the final moments of the show, Live gets to know her deceased mother also suffered the same affliction as she now does. She also discovers that there are people in the community who are trying to contain this information so that there’s no panic.

In the final episode, Live and Reinert (Andre Sorum) accidentally kills a man and put him on the autopsy table to churn out his blood. Meanwhile, Live’s brother Odd (Elias Holmen Sorensen) is going through a difficult time because his house is being taken away by the bank. At one moment, Reinert’s colleague Judith (Kim Fairchild) seems to get an idea that there is something wrong with her colleague, but the doubt soon goes away.

Meanwhile, Odd says that family business was never an issue but lying to the family about the house was never a good thing. The business will never go well if no one dies in Skarnes and that’s the reason why their business is tumbling. To pay the bank, Odd would need a big funeral that would pay him thousands of Kroners (Norwegian currency). Elsewhere, Reinert has fallen in love with Live and leans in to get a kiss. Live dodges the kiss and it infuriates Reinert. He leaves her by saying, “How silly of me? You only need me when you want to get away with murder.”

A still from 'Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes' (Netflix)

Live gives the body of a man they killed at the starting of the episode to Odd and he sees that the body looks weird because it is still soft and limp even when it is supposed to be stiff. However, things go wrong when Odd went to the police to alert them that there is something wrong with the body. Live is nervous and barges into the police station to meet Reinert. She believes if anyone finds out that this is not a normal death, they’ll be “f***ed.”

She urges Reinert to stop Judith, but he says that she already suspects Live to be behind everything weird that’s been happening in Skarnes lately.  Live goes to Odd and shows him a piece of jewelry when Odd asks where she found it? She says Sverre (the man who was killed) had it. Live tells him that Sverre attacked him in the barn that day and she accidentally killed him.

Live says that she is going to tell the authorities that she killed him. Judith apprehends Live for the murder of Sverre and is taken into custody. However, Reinert helps in getting away but is stopped in his tracks when Judith sees them. In the final moments, we get to know that body sent to pathology is not dead and is totally embalmed. The cause of death can’t be determined because the corpse is embalmed and is drained of blood.

A still from 'Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes' (Netflix)

Odd saves his sister and also manages to save the family business by organizing a huge funeral service for Sverre. The series ends with a flashback scene where it is shown how Odd embalmed the body and filled it with more chemicals.

The ending makes us realize that it might come back for another season because Judith says that there is something strange in Skarnes now. So, it seems the adventures of Live will continue to take place in Skarnes and Judith will do everything to unravel the truth.

‘Post Mortem: No One Dies in Skarnes’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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