'Why is she screaming?' Internet slams 'Sister Wives' star Meri Brown's 'drunken rant' on Livestream

'Why is she screaming?' Internet slams 'Sister Wives' star Meri Brown's 'drunken rant' on Livestream
'Sister Wives' star Meri Brown (Instagram/@therealmeribrown)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'Sister Wives' Meri Brown recently did a Live on Instagram. The star shared her joy for the first Friday of 2023. Well, to many fans it seemed as if Meri was "drunk". As Meri uploaded the video on social media, she was seen drinking something from a sipper.

Fans believed that it was alcohol even though Meri cleared in her post that it was water. A fan took to the comment section to ask the TLC star, "Drinking much?" Another fan slammed Meri, saying, "Nails on a chalk board....ugh. Drunken rant." Well, Meri's red eyes and probably a bit different accent and pitch hinted to many fans that she was drunk.



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A fan asked Meri in her comment section, "ffffff how much more glasses do you need!" To this, a fan replied, "probably more to deal with trolls." Another fan questioned Meri's tone, "Why is she screaming?" A fan called, "Really don't like her...such a puppet.." A fan slammed Meri, calling her out for having a double face, "Why so talkative and friendly and on sister wives, you sit with a blow-up face and hardly say anything? Two face much!" 


Meri also revealed a bit about how her life has been after her split with Kody Brown. She says that many people have suggested she go out alone, enjoy watching movies alone, and do more things. But, Meri does not believe in going out at all. Meri claims, "I can't do that. I will travel to Mexico alone but I don't like to go and eat dinner alone." At the same time, Meri finds it difficult to make friends. She claims that she has been living in Flagstaff for four years but she has not yet made any friends as of now. She says, "I'm involved in nothing." Listening to this, a fan shows concern, "hi meri. you doing ok?"



Meri being loud and talkative made many believe on the Internet that she might be high. Whatever the situation might be, she definitely seemed to be struggling as she opened up about having very few friends but lots of acquaintances.

'Sister Wives' Season 17 Part 1 and Part 2 are available to stream on TLC.

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