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'Sister Wives' star Robyn Brown accuses Christine of objecting to Meri and Kody's reconciliation

'I just saw her kind of flippy now and I didn't know what it was about,' Robyn Brown said about Christine in 'Sister Wives' Tell All Part 2
'Sister Wives' star Robyn and Christine (TLC)
'Sister Wives' star Robyn and Christine (TLC)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: 'Sister Wives' star Robyn Brown opens up about her legal husband Kody Brown's split with sister wives. The 44-year-old seems to be putting all the blame on Christine for creating the friction between Meri and Kody.

'Sister Wives' tell-all host Sukanya Krishnan asked Robyn, "Do you think if Christine didn't object that Meri and Kody would have gotten back together? They would have reconciled and they would have had a little bit more of a relationship?" To this, she instantly replied, "Yeah." She further explained why she think Christine was the reason for Meri and Kody's fallout.


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Once again, ‘Sister Wives’ stars are all set to spill the beans about their ongoing and past relationship status in polygamy. In the tell-all, host Sukanya asked Robyn about Christine having a hard time while finalizing the split with Kody. Even though Robyn was aware of the entire situation, she acted surprised knowing that Kody told the tell-all host that “Christine had a very hard time with it (split) and did not want Meri to reconcile" with him. Instead of throwing her opinion, Robyn played safe by replying, “That’s what I was told to.” When asked, “What did you see?” Robyn claimed that she didn’t know for sure whether Christine’s split and Meri’s fallout with Kody were connected but she guess it was. Furthermore, Robyn called Christine “flippy’, saying, “I just saw her kind of flippy now and I didn’t know what it was about.”

Sukanya further asked Robyn whether she thinks Christine objected to Meri and Kody's reconciliation. Robyn said, "Yeah, because when Kody says that type of stuff it usually happens." Sukanya further replied in awe, saying, "Wow that could have changed the whole trajectory of marriage life." Robyn with a smile on her face said, "yeah. It sucks, right?"


However, Christine, on the other hand, called the entire claim "ridiculous." She said in the one-on-one interview, "That's really absolutely frustrating and offensive right now." Christine further affirmed that there is no reason for her to not support Kody and Meri having a great relationship. Christine shut down all of Robyn's claims, saying, "That's absolutely ridiculous." When Sukanya further explained that Robyn knew all about the nuances created and that she was the reason for the rift, Christine said, "I think there was something that was twisted." The 50-year-old sounded angry with all the tittle-tattle spreading around. She said, "There is no way I would have ever felt like that." She further slammed Kody for not knowing her after being together for so many years. She claimed the whole situation, "That's a lie. That's not me. And I would never do that." 

'Sister Wives' Tell All Part 2 releases on Sunday, January 1, at 10 pm ET on TLC.