Blackpink's '4+1 Special Event' on 5th anniversary leaves Blinks angry as there's no new music

Fans demanded that YG Entertainment treat Blackpink and the Blinks better

                            Blackpink's '4+1 Special Event' on 5th anniversary leaves Blinks angry as there's no new music
Blackpink after a performance at a music show (@blackpinkofficial/Instagram)

Blackpink and Blinks are ready to celebrate the group's 5th year in the K-Pop industry. In order to commemorate the occasion, YGE surprised fans with a '4+1 Special Event'. A lot of speculation ran around the meaning behind these numbers. Fans wondered if the +1 meant the addition of a new Blackpink member, while others said that the number signifies the existence of Blinks as an addition to Blackpink. All this conjecture was soon resolved when Blackpink's official website as well as YGE took to twitter to post the 5 special events that were included in the anniversary celebrations.

The +1 part of the special event was revealed to be a new and exclusive pop-up store in Seoul, whereas the other 4 events included were Blackpink: The Movie, Blackpink - The Album Photobook (Limited Edition), 2021 Summer Diary and Blackpink's debut on Weverse


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Fans disappointed by the lack of new music

Blinks were quick to express their disappointment on Blackpink's post announcing the two-day exclusive pop-up store on Twitter. In no way was this disappointment directed towards the members. Blinks started pointing out how this event was not really beneficial for international fans as they will never be able to experience the store in person. Other raging fans stated the elephant in the room. They said that the existence of a store as well as all other projects was not a gift to fans but a source of income for YG Entertainment. They also pointed out that with most of the events in this anniversary celebration, fans will end up paying from their pockets for merchandise and products that are not new in any way.


Fans say, Free BLACKPINK from YG Entertainment

Fans of K-Pop always have a way of making the most out of any situation. As soon as international fans saw the post they took it upon themselves to remind the company that members of Blackpink as well as Blinks were being mistreated. One fan plainly stated, ‘WE NEED THE MUSIC” while another international Blink said, “For international blinks project where? Lisa Teaser where? New music where? Anything new where? Free project for 5th anniv where?” A third Blink stated facts when they said, “Whats with this 4+1 project! So disappointing! Vlive is much more better than all of the project you drop! What we all want is New music and live !!!”

One Blink tweeted with utmost sincerity saying, “We waited for so long and you gave us money-related projects. also what about their intl fans? we only got recycled documentary from the show and bp light up the sky. we had enough, at least give us an anniversary live for free so we can enjoy it freely.” This Blink has now correctly estimated the 4+1 Concept stating, “The 4+1 project for BLACKPINK’s 5th Anniversary… is basically just buy 4 get 1 free. The Movie, The Album Photobook, Summer Diary, Pop-up Store and Weverse. What did we even expect from YGE?”