'Indian Matchmaking' Season 2: Angry fans label Nadia 'toxic' for dumping Shekar

'Indian Matchmaking' Season 2: Angry fans label Nadia 'toxic' for dumping Shekar
'Indian Matchmaking' stars Nadia and Shekar (Netflix)

JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY: When Nadia Jagessar was introduced on 'Indian Matchmaking', fans immediately fell in love with this New-Jersey-based event planner. Her bubbly personality and her sincere attempts to find love struck a chord with the audience, who rooted for her to find her true love after watching her get ghosted, and rejected by suitors. Thankfully, season 1 ended with Nadia feeling hopeful about her romantic prospects after going on a lovely date with a Chicago-based attorney, Shekar Jayaraman.

When 'Indian Matchmaking' Season 2 premiered, fans were pleasantly surprised to learn that Nadia was still seeing Shekar. But everything changed after Nadia laid eyes on Vishal at a party. She found herself feeling instantly attracted to Vishal, and wasted no time in kissing him at the party, while Shekar was around. Though Shekar was taken aback watching Nadia kiss Vishal, he kept quiet and let things run their course. Later, Nadia confided in matchmaker Sima Taparia about her bubbling connection with Vishal. Sima warned Nadia against pursuing Vishal on account of his young age but kept pushing for her to follow up with Shekar. So, Nadia called Shekar and ended things with him by claiming that he never made her feel loved or showed any interest in her.


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Nadia Jagessar on 'Indian Matchmaking' (Netflix)
Nadia Jagessar on 'Indian Matchmaking' (Netflix)

After their conversation, Shekar was taken aback by Nadia's explanation for their split-up. He pointed out how though he tried to get clarity on their relationship, Nadia kept pushing him away saying they were just friends. After watching Shekar in tears, fans felt sorry for him, and began calling out Nadia for gaslighting him. A fan tweeted, "Nadia such a liar let's be honest. She kept Shekhar on the hook until she saw a "hotter" guy and hopped into that and then gaslit Shekhar into blaming him for not being honest with him. Like duuuude. #IndianMatchmaking." "Hypocrisy at its peak with #Nadia , She isn't a quitter?"f*** you" just coz someone spoke their feelings out that too without gaslighting her unlike her! She quit on #Shekar, gaslit him and played a victim there & again here as well? She is craycray and toxic #IndianMatchmaking," wrote a fan. "Shekar deserves better. Nadia is the typical woman who said she wanted to be in serious relationship but then change her mind when she meet someone else with better looking. Nadia is shallow af #Indianmatchmaking," added a fan. 





Nadia Jagessar with Vishal on 'Indian Matchmaking' Season 2 (Netflix)

Unfortunately for Nadia, things didn't pan out the way she hoped for with Vishal. The youngster dumped Nadia claiming that he didn't feel any "spark" in their relationship, and pretty much giving the same explanation that she gave shekar while ending things with him. Fans were amused watching how things played out for Nadia, and called it 'karma'. A fan shared, "Sorry Nadia but this is Karma. #indianmatchmaking." "I can’t believe Nadia broke up with a sure thing to date the 26 year old who was all flash and no substance. Then got dumped most likely coz he found a new object of his affection. Nadia made a big mistake going for that guy over Sakar. #IndianMatchmaking," expressed a fan. Another fan commented, "Ok nooo wtf i had no idea nadia did shekar this dirty!!!! Nadia GURL you lost a gem of a guy. He’s such a sweetie #indianmatchmaking." "#Nadia you did #Shekhar dirty. I used to like her but not anymore. Leading this nice guy along for nothing. #IndianMatchmaking," pointed out a fan. "I liked Nadia in S1 but after S2E2 I HATE her!!!! #IndianMatchmaking," echoed a fan.







'Indian Matchmaking' Season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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