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Are Viral and Aashay still together? 'Indian Matchmaking' star called out by Sima Taparia for being 'superficial'

When Viral explained her reasons for rejecting Sima's matches, the matchmaker got very annoyed and called her out for being 'superficial'
UPDATED APR 21, 2023
'Indian Matchmaking' stars Viral Joshi and Aashay Shah (Instagram)
'Indian Matchmaking' stars Viral Joshi and Aashay Shah (Instagram)

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA: According to 'Indian Matchmaking's in-house matchmaker Sima Taparia, first there is marriage, then love. Unfortunately for the Mumbai-based matchmaker, not all of her clients seem to be on board with her marriage ideology, such as Viral Joshi, a pharmaceutical developer from Durham, North Carolina.

After peaking in her professional life, Viral wanted to settle down in her personal life as well, so she sought Sima Aunty's help. Much to Sima Aunty's displeasure, Viral had a huge criteria list for her potential partner, ranging from him being a self-made man to Gujarati, the 30-year-old seemed pretty clear on what she was expecting from her partner and their relationship. Despite Sima's best attempts at getting Viral to bring down her expectations to a measly 60-70% of the criteria on her list, Viral was adamant about getting everything in her list. Viral pointed out how she was bringing everything that she was asking for to the relationship, so she was convinced that she wasn't asking for a lot. Based on Viral's preference for self-made, financially independent Gujarati men, Sima narrowed down her search and matched her to two men- Viral Kothari and Jaymin Mehta. Unfortunately, Viral didn't see any long-term relationship with either of the men citing reasons such as differences in life ideologies to lack of physical attraction.


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Viral on 'Indian Matchmaking' Season 2 (Netflix)
Viral on 'Indian Matchmaking' Season 2 (Netflix)

When Viral explained her reasons for rejecting Sima's matches, the matchmaker got very annoyed and called her out for being "superficial". But Viral refused to budge and insisted that she needed to find her partner physically attractive as well. So, Sima was left with no choice but to find a new match for Viral. After some search, Sima matched Viral with an optometrist from New York named Aashay Shah. 

Are Viral and Aashay still together?

When Viral first laid eyes on Aashay, she was immediately struck by his appearance, his eloquence in Gujarati, and his deep connection with his family. The two of them hit it off from the very start, although Viral was careful not to rush into anything too quickly. As they spent more time together, she soon realized that they were vastly different in many ways, but that their differences were actually quite complementary.

Eventually, Viral made the trip to New York to see Aashay, but her mood was soured when he showed up late to their date. However, her frustration quickly dissipated when she observed how calmly and patiently Aashay handled the situation. At that moment, Viral knew in her heart that Aashay was the one for her. She even confided to the show's producer that he was the best man she had ever dated, and Aashay expressed similar sentiments about Viral being his ideal partner.

After the show wrapped, Viral posted a few pictures of herself enjoying the sights and sounds of New York City. While it's unclear whether she was just there for fun or to see Aashay, it's clear that she was captivated by the city's charms.

Fast forward to Season 3, and it's obvious that Viral and Aashay are still going strong. They've been on fulfilling dates since the show ended, and they're growing closer every day. Aashay even invited Viral to accompany him on a trip to India to meet his parents, and she hit it off with them right away. While they were in India, the couple went jewelry shopping and ended up splurging on a stunning bracelet and earrings, but they played coy when asked about an engagement ring.

After their trip to India, they headed to Viral's hometown to attend a wedding. Despite all of the excitement and activity, the couple found time to reflect on their relationship and declared that things were going remarkably well. Viral even went so far as to call Aashay the best boyfriend she had ever had, which is high praise indeed.

All in all, it seems that Viral and Aashay are well on their way to a happy future together. With their shared values, mutual respect, and obvious affection for one another, there's little doubt that they'll continue to thrive as a couple in the years to come.

'Indian Matchmaking' Season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix.