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'Indian Matchmaking' star Vinay reveals truth behind ghosting incident and why he has no 'bad blood' for Nadia

Vinay explains why he did not ghost Nadia, in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) where he tells his side of the romance story that fell apart
Nadia and Vinay (Netflix)
Nadia and Vinay (Netflix)

Netflix's 'Indian Matchmaking' instantly captivated viewers with its simple yet addictive show format. Fans found themselves rooting for the singles seeking love while chuckling at matchmaker Sima Taparia's pearls of wisdom on marriage and relationships. One of the singles, who appeared on the show seeking a companion was Nadia Jagessar.

Nadia who is of Guyanese origin expressed how she wanted to find herself a nice Indian boy and settle down with him. So Sima aunty worked her magic and connected Nadia to Vinay Chadha. As soon as Naida lay her eyes on Vinay, she was instantly attracted to his smile and was looking forward to meeting him. As expected, when they met, fireworks began to fly.

Fans too began rooting for the couple, but unfortunately, after a few dates, things began going south for the duo. On the show, the audience saw Nadia getting stood up by Vinay, not once but twice. Fans felt sorry for Nadia and began bashing Vinay for ghosting her.

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Vinay revealed his side of the story and explained what exactly went down between Nadia and him. He began by clarifying that he isn't a CFO of many gyms, as shown on the show, but the Director of Finance at a boutique fitness studio. With that out of the way, he began describing himself as "compassionate, sensitive and empathetic", while pointing out how he is aware that these traits are in sharp contrast with how he was portrayed on the show.

When asked to tell his side of the story on what exactly went down between Nadia and him, Vinay revealed that he never ghosted Nadia. He explained, "The truth is that we dated for about two months, there were ups and downs and both of us naturally made mistakes. But what really happened is that one night after a wedding she was attending we were supposed to hang out and I didn’t show up because of a family emergency. I did text her, but she wasn’t happy about it, which based on my lack of texting ability and seeing it from her side, I can totally get in the moment. She lost confidence in me," he said.

"To try to gain her confidence back I sent flowers and nestle bunch-a-crunch (her favorite candy) and cookies. Timeliness is actually my biggest pet peeve, so I knew by bailing for whatever reason, I had to own that. After that it was rocky and when we had planned to go to the movie (Toy Story) I canceled in the morning because I had a fever. I wanted to learn from the last time and did not want to be vague," he shared.

"Overall the reaction wasn’t pleasant. I tried my hardest to effectively communicate but I think our relationship had already been crumbling. I tried to call or meet up after I got an IV but she was not available and our relationship pretty much ended there. I would have loved to have been invited to hang with her friends at the dessert spot (even though there probably weren’t vegan options LOL ) but I was never given that chance."

Nadia has stated on the show that she was ghosted by him, so we asked him why did he think Nadia might have felt that way. He replied, "I can’t speak on how she feels, but I do wonder the same thing. I’d love to talk to her and clear the air because I never want bad blood with anyone and I truly care for her as a human and really want only great things for her in life."

Now that we know Nadia and he are definitely not seeing each other, we asked Vinay if he was currently seeing anyone. While revealing that he wasn't seeing anybody currently, he, however, expressed that he is open to giving the arranged marriage set-up another try, but only on the condition of dating each other prior to settling down. 

Considering all the flak he received after appearing on the show, we wonder if Vinay regretted appearing on 'Indian Matchmaking'. He said, "Of course not! You always learn the most in failures whether that’s as a person or in relationships. After being on the show I truly think I can always work on myself and grow and it helped me see that. I will always be emotionally and mentally available and willing to grow even if I appear stubborn at times." 

'Indian Matchmaking' is available for streaming on Netflix.