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iKON's Bobby welcomes his first child, fans think he'll be the 'coolest dad'

Bobby welcomed his first child on September 27 but has made no mention of the baby's gender
Bobby had mentioned his concerns about the reactions of fans and had decided to keep the birth of his first child a private affair (@bobbyindaeyo/Instagram)
Bobby had mentioned his concerns about the reactions of fans and had decided to keep the birth of his first child a private affair (@bobbyindaeyo/Instagram)

After the announcement of the arrival of his first child on August 20, 2021, fans of Bobby from iKON have had very little time to process the fact that the 25-year-old rapper and member of iKON will now be a married man and a father. Fans received a hand-written note from Bobby, posted on Instagram, where he revealed his true feelings and what he was going through.

Bobby told iKONICs that he was sorry he was overwhelming them by sharing such a shocking piece of news. He also apologized that as IKON's member, he was unable to tell them any sooner because he was worried how they would react. Bobby then continued that he had decided to tell fans and followers the truth because he felt a strong sense of responsibility to be a good father.


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Bobby revealed his concerns

Bobby told fans that he was worried as he was putting a lot of pressure on the people who have helped and supported him all this while. He also sincerely apologized to fans who were hurt or confused by the sudden shock from his big announcement. He also addressed his members, fans, and parents, thanking them all for shaping him into a person who is loved and respected by many.

Bobby said that he lacked in many ways but will strive to become a person they all can be proud of. Bobby made it known to fans that he will do his best to keep his private life and work-life separate as he will handle this professionally without letting it interfere with iKON's group activities. He has taken his own words seriously and has kept everything under wraps so far.


Bobby is finally a father

On September 27, it was revealed that Bobby has welcomed his first child who is a healthy baby. But, as promised, he is handling his fatherhood as a private matter, and he has made no announcements about the gender of the baby. Bobby is reportedly very happy as he welcomed his own child. Bobby has been very public about his love for children, which was made known to fans with the lovely relationship he shared with his nephew from his Instagram posts about the child.

Fans already knew that Bobby really likes children, and the news Bobby shared with fans was welcomed rather positively as opposed to what he thought would happen. Fans showered Bobby with congratulatory tweets and made memes about the fun the new baby was going to have given that Bobby was their father. 


Fans congratulate Bobby

One fan said, "It's already end of september so i actually thought he hv been a dad or hubby or both for quite some time already and since the news already confirmed on the birth of his child so yeah bobby issa dad! he must be so happy." Another fan congratulated the new dad saying, "congratulations bobby on the birth of your first child. i'm pretty sure you're going to be a great dad. i'm happy for you!!" One more fan said, "I can already imagine how happy and touched bobby was when he saw his baby. You'll be a great and coolest dad!!! Omg congrats bobby!!"