iKON Jay's latest post convinces fans of spoiler, iKONICs say 'something fishy'

Jay aka Jinhwan posts on Weverse that has fans wondering if its a spoiler for iKON's next comeback

                            iKON Jay's latest post convinces fans of spoiler, iKONICs say 'something fishy'
Jinhwan posts on Weverse (@gnani_____/Instagram)

The iconic third-gen K-pop group iKON has been quite active on social media after their stint on the survival show Mnet’s ‘Kingdom’. They joined the K-pop platform Weverse on June 21 where fans can interact with their favorite artists. The boys have also been regularly going live on V Live and talking to fans about their daily routine, experience on ‘Kingdom’ and hinting at upcoming projects. And Jay aka Jinhwan’s latest Weverse post has fans convinced that it is some kind of spoiler.

iKONICs have been eagerly waiting for new music from the group for a while. After their third EP ‘I Decide’, it took iKON a year to then come back with the single ‘Why Why Why’ in March 2021. But thanks to their participation in ‘Kingdom’ fans were showered with tons of performances, covers, remakes and the original song ‘At Ease’. And now they’re hoping that a new album is in the works thanks to the boys' posts on Weverse.

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Jinhwan posts on Weverse (iKON Weverse)

iKON on Weverse

Jinhwan took to Weverse to post a selfie and caption it with ‘MY Mood’ on August 3. While there was nothing special about the post as such, iKON’s reaction to it has fans trying to read between the lines. Bobby posted the same selfie and caption on August 6. Fans were quick to ask if it was some sort of spoiler or if he was just teasing Jinhwan. The youngest member, Chanwoo also posted another photo of Jinhwan with the same caption. Donghyuk joined in the fun and did the same with a meme of Jinhwan. Yunhyeong took it one step further by posting a meme of Bobby and Jinhwan and then another meme asking if Jinhwan was feeling stuffy.

By then all of the fans were enjoying this playful interaction. But many wondered if there was a double meaning like hints of Jinhwan’s solo album or if iKON was simply trolling IKONICs for reading too much into it. Others were just waiting to see how Jinhwan would react when he realized that his August 3 post had blown up due to his members teasing him.



However, if the caption ‘MY Mood’ is some kind of comeback spoiler, this will make iKON the fifth ‘Kingdom’ group to have a comeback. SF9 was the first group to release a new album in July after their time on the show while BTOB is the latest group to confirm a comeback. The Boyz are coming back on August 9 while Stray Kids are coming back on August 23. Ateez is yet to drop any news about their next album.

'Something fishy'

Fans made a lot of clown memes as they tweeted, “Ikon: *teasing jinhwan on weverse* ikonics: omg album spoiler!!!!” Another tweeted, “That "내 기분" smell something fishy. it's either a ikon cb or jinhwan solo spoiler.” One tweeted, “Jinhwan: there’s no respect in this house.” Another tweeted, “Ikons be like let’s update and not tell Jinhwan he’s the update.” One tweeted, “Jinhwan at bobby and chanwoo’s bedroom door right now.” Another tweeted, “Jinhwan mood  right now.” One tweeted, “Idk if ikon is making fun of jinhwan or making fun of ikonics.” Another tweeted, “My Mood .. one of the tracks from Jinhwan’s solo albun.”