Is iKON's Bobby married? K-pop idol announces arrival of his first child

Bobby, member of the K-pop group iKON, announced his marriage plans and the arrival of his first child on Instagram in a handwritten letter to fans

                            Is iKON's Bobby married? K-pop idol announces arrival of his first child
Bobby announces his marriage and says his first child will be born in September 2021 (@yg_ent_official/Instagram)

iKON’s rapper Bobby has just announced that he is soon going to be a papa. Bobby posted a handwritten letter on Instagram where he shared the good news with iKONICs and the rest of the world. YG Entertainment, iKON’s label however has made no official statement about the surprise news about his private life. 

In his post, Bobby first greeted the fans. He told them that he had something to tell them and had written the letter to his fans after a lot of thinking. He said that he is soon going to marry the person he loves. He says that he should've shared the news about this sooner and apologized for the delay.


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Bobby is going to be a father

Not only that, but iKON’s Bobby also gave fans a welcome surprise by saying that he is going to become a father very soon. He said, “I will become a father in September.” He continued by saying that he is happy to be welcoming the new family member. 

Bobby goes on to say that he is very sorry to his fans who might feel confused about this sudden announcement. He also wished he could have shared the good news with iKONIC’s sooner but he was worried about how fans would react to such information.


‘I sincerely apologize’

He went on to add why he waited for so long before breaking the news. He said that he felt a strong sense of responsibility on him as he was putting a lot of pressure on the people who have helped and supported him all this while. He then says, “I sincerely apologize to those who have been hurt or feel very confused by this.”

Bobby then addresses his members, fans, and parents. He thanks all of them to have shaped him into a person who is loved and respected by many even though he says he lacks in many ways. He says he will strive to become a person who will not bring shame to them and be someone who they can be proud of. He concludes his letter to fans by saying, “I will also do my best to not become a distraction to our fans and the iKON members who are waiting for iKON’s activities.”


Fans are thrilled

In the past, Chen from EXO had suddenly broken the news of his wedding and announced the arrival of his daughter. Fans seemed to have loved and supported Chen back then and it is the same with Bobby. Here is how fans are reacting to the news.

One fan said, “The day he knew he was gonna be a father... he couldnt hide it!!” while another said, “SHUT UP I AM SO HAPPY FOR BOBBY.” and a third said, “My bias in iKON is going to be a dad and is getting married soon! Im so happy, congrats bobby!” One fan said, “Bobby is 25 and a successful singer and already starting a family. im 25 next year and i dont know what the fuck am i doing with my life.”

One fan pointed out, “Bobby, Chen or any other idol shouldn’t have to apologise for such a thing, they are basically saying sorry for being happy…. aren’t toxic fans feeling guilty for ruining such an happy moment for them?!” While one fan joked about Bobby’s best friend Lisa from Blackpink becoming an aunt saying, “not Bobby release his baby before lisa solo.”