Is iKON's Bobby releasing solo music? YG Entertainment's teaser sparks debate between Blinks and singer's fans

Blackpink fans were demanding a Rose solo beneath the promotional teaser for Bobby's new solo project and the singer's fans did not take to it kindly

                            Is iKON's Bobby releasing solo music? YG Entertainment's teaser sparks debate between Blinks and singer's fans
Bobby of K-pop group iKON (YG Entertainment Instagram)

Fans get ready for new solo works by Bobby. It looks like the rapper, singer-songwriter (most commonly known as a member of the hip-hop/K-pop group iKON) has something special cooking for fans in the near future. Although it is unclear what the exact material will be, we do know that it is promised as "coming soon" and that it will be a solo effort, according to a new teaser shared by Bobby's label YG Entertainment on January 14, 2021.

"#BOBBY COMING SOON TEASER," wrote YG Entertainment in the caption for the teaser video on Twitter, adding the hashtags, "#바비 #iKON #아이콘 #COMING_SOON #TEASER #YG." In the half-minute clip, we see the singer wearing a loose-fitting outfit and running a few steps on a tall building before stopping and turning around to give an intense lstare at the camera. The thumping beat over alarm effects and scratching synth as the teaser's music coupled with the sunset and gritty surrounding buildings make for a hardcore urban atmosphere that hints at music on a fiercely large scale.


If Bobby plans to release a new full-length album, it will be the first major solo project in three years after his 2017 debut studio album 'Love and Fall'. That LP alone scored him several impressive chart impacts: peaking within the top 40 on the Japanese Albums (Oricon) chart, at No 7 on G-Music's Taiwan Albums chart, at No 4 on Gaon's South Korean Albums chart and Billboard's US World Albums chart at No 2.

Moreover, as a solo artist, his discography only includes one collaborative album with Mino, titled 'The Mobb', and a handful of singles as a lead artist and/or featured artist, apart from the aforementioned studio project, so fans are likely to be curious as to what Bobby has planned, if not already in high anticipation.



Speaking of fans, the teaser has brought up a whirlwind of arguments on Twitter between iKON fans and fans of fellow YGE labelmates Blackpink. The Blackpink fans (Blinks) have filled the comments section with demands for a solo project from Rosé while Bobby's fans are protecting the artist's promotion space. Blinks have thrown out several repeated chants like, "WHERE IS ROSÉ SOLO." One fan chanted in response, "BOBBY SOLO IS COMING."

"NO ONE WILL BE LISTENING. YOU PROMISED ROSÉ," claims a Blink at YGE. One fan wrote, "Waw YGENT is really something. While the ikonic always felt left out, felt YG didn't care, YG suddenly released a Bobby teaser. I know it's a must. So stop talking impolite. YG knows what's best for their artists, YG has a huge list of projects for their artists..."

"To all Blinks here commenting sh*t: WTF be respectfull for once. YG is not only about the Pinks, YG is YG thanks to all their artists including BigBang, Ikon, Blackpink, Treasure, etc... You can stay mad but it's the truth guys, damnnnnnnnn." added another fan. 












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