Hwasa 'Guilty Pleasure': Release date and all about Mamamoo singer's second solo album

Mamamoo’s Hwasa is making a comeback with her second solo release which is a single album titled ‘Guilty Pleasure’ that released in November of 2021

                            Hwasa 'Guilty Pleasure': Release date and all about Mamamoo singer's second solo album
Mamamoo's Hwasa releases a virtual film for her second solo album 'Guilty Pleasure' (@RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter)

Mamamoo's Hwasa, otherwise known as Ahn Hye-jin or Maria, the crooner known for her unapologetic style that has the world swooning is returning to give fans even more.  
As the four-member group, Mamamoo celebrated seven years in the music industry last month, members of the group celebrated the occasion in an online concert with fans from around the world.

Following disbandment rumors as well as the fear of Wheein leaving the group due to her resigning with a different label, Moomoo’s (Mamamoo fandom) have been having a very rough year. Hwasa, the group's face and maknae has decided to make a hasty comeback with her second solo release. Hwasa started her solo career in the year 2019 when she released her digital single titled, ‘Twit’ that became an overnight success, peaking on Korean as well as US World charts alongside New Zealand’s Hot Songs chart as well.


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Hwasa’s solo career

Following the release of the single, fans of Hwasa wanted something bigger from the performance queen. Hwasa has collaborated with other artists such as Moonbyul and Wheein of Mamamoo, Esna, Loco, Kim Hyunchul, Woogie, Kinda Blue, and more artists but her standout solo performance outside of the group still remains her 2020 hit single, ‘María’ which was the title-track of her first mini-album, ‘Maria’ (stylized as María). Fans of Hwasa know that Maria is her English name and Hwasa decided to give fans a personal album as her first solo big release.

Hwasa released the album ‘Maria’ in June of 2020 with seven tracks in total while ‘Twit’, her 2019 release, was also a part of this release and served as its b-side track that Hwasa promoted at various music shows. Both the title track, ‘Maria’ as well as her b-side track ‘Twit’ were part of many year-end lists like Billboard, Refinery29, and Rolling Stone India among others that were released in 2020 as well as back in 2019 making her solo album highly successful.

To give fans a taste of the same Hwasa music feel, she is making a comeback with her second official solo release in the form of a three-track single album that is surely going to break the internet.


Release date

The second solo release from Hwasa titled, ‘Guilty Pleasure’ will be released on November 24 at 6 pm KST (4 am ET).

How to Listen

The single album ‘Guilty Pleasure’ from Mamamoo’s Hwasa will be released on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn among others.



1. ‘FOMO’
2. ‘I’m a 빛’ [Title-track]
3. ‘Bless U’

With the song ‘I’m a 빛’ as its title track, Hwasa is ready to give fans a taste of her unfiltered emotions. The Korean word “빛” means light in its literal translation but is pronounced as ‘Bich’ when read out aloud. With a dual meaning associated with the song, Hwasa is ready to tell fans, “I’m a Light” proving to be their savior while haters get an, “I’m a b*tch” from the award-winning singer.

Mamamoo's Hwasa releases the tracklist for her single album, 'Guilty Pleasure' (@RBW_MAMAMOO/Twitter)


In two moving teasers that were released over the last few days, Hwasa reveals the vibe and feel of her unfiltered album. Hwasa seemed soft and supple as she appeared to be underwater, sitting in a pool that she left off from her last release, ‘Maria’. This album progresses from her last as she leaves the presence of water and goes to answer a knock on her door.

Another teaser clip released as a visual film for Hwasa’s ‘Guilty Pleasure’ saw her wearing a green faux fur coat and a shimmery bodysuit. The 17-second long trailer showed Hwasa sitting by a series of mirrors that showed multiple reflections of the idol as she moved about in her own way.

Watch the teasers below.





Music video

The music video for ‘I’m a 빛’ will be released on November 24, 2021, at 6 pm KST (4 am ET)


'It's going to be amazing'

Fans are excited for a new comeback from Hwasa as a soloist. One fan said, "LOOK AT THE COMPOSERS AND LYRICISTS AND PRODUCERS NONE OF THEM ARE THE USUAL RBW STAFF EXCEPT FOR PARK WOO SANG OH MY GOD THIS IS GONNA BE AMAZING." Another fan said, "THIS DEFINITELY WORTH IT! PRE ORDER HER ALBUM NOW." One more fan said, "AHN HWASA OMFGGGGG." Other fans discussed Hwasa's wordplay on the album's title-track and another said, "OMG somebody save us please cause we are about to fainted hwa hwa girl dammmmmn OMG plus the Bword giving us a heart beat & attack fabulous."










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