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BTS V’s Vogue cover the highest sold edition in history, fans say ‘V2 is coming’

V aka Kim Taehyung sends ARMY Twitter into a meltdown by posting a b-cut of the photoshoot where he is shirtless
UPDATED SEP 12, 2022
BTS' V gets his first solo cover with Vogue Korea (@voguekorea, @thv/Instagram)
BTS' V gets his first solo cover with Vogue Korea (@voguekorea, @thv/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Fans were first excited when BTS' V aka Kim Taehyung flew to New York for his first solo photoshoot with Vogue Korea. He got three editions for himself which allowed him to flaunt his visuals as well as a model in Cartier and Miu Miu. If that wasn't enough, his Vogue magazine has the highest sales index in history as it crossed a million pre-orders on day 1. 

ARMY were impressed as it was noted that all three of V's Vogue covers were the #1 best-selling item of the day in all major online magazine stores like Aladin, Yes24, Ktown, Kyobo Book, GMarket, Amazon Japan, Rakuten Japan, Qoo10 Japan, and Music Japan. As the magazine with the highest sales index in magazine history, the BTS star's Vogue issue has already received an all-kill (#1 on all major Korean retail sites) before its release.


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BTS' V gets his first solo cover for Vogue

And while ARMY are waiting with bated breath for the October issue of Vogue Korea, V and the magazine's chief editor dropped more bombshells. Dubbed an 'icon of an era', the editor shared that they were already planning a second Vogue project with the BTS star. Shin Kwang-ho uploaded an Instagram story with the caption 'V2 coming soon' while V's 'Christmas Tree' OST plays in the background. Many wonder if there will be a special Christmas edition with him. At the same time, V shocked fans by posting a b-cut of the Vogue photoshoot in which he is shirtless and sitting under the sun.


'Taehyung is so loved'

Fans trended 'V2 is coming' as they hyped up V's Vogue cover. Another ARMY commented, "V x vogue korea is gonna be taehyung poetically shirtless in a garden, crop tops, leather short shorts, a possible skirt, low rise jeans (bc it's miu miu duh) and cartier jewel time pieces .. so just exposed honey glazed skin galore huh."

One fan flexed, "Kim taehyung cover for Vogue Korea recorded The Highest Sales Index in History surpassing under 1 MILLION on its first pre-order day Vogue call him as an icon of era for a reason V2 IS COMING SOON." One ARMY tweeted, "Vogue Korea’s editor in chief using words V2 to informing upcoming schedule it really a whole month full of him only, kth1 album gonna be awesome. the anticipation for taehyung's solo is crazy. Taehyung is so loved V2 IS COMING." Another joked, "V2 IS COMING SOON More naked Taehyungs to come."



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