'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 6: Six best moments of the final season in 2019 including Wes' resurrection

'How To Get Away With Murder' Season 6: Six best moments of the final season in 2019 including Wes' resurrection
The team of 'How To Get Away With Murder' (Getty Images)

The hit legal drama of ABC has been keeping us on the edge of our seats for six years now. And now, with its sixth season, the high-octane show marks its final chapter.

We have only been halfway through the season but there's already a lot happening in the lives of Annalise, her friends, and her students. Not that their lives have been not eventful enough, the final season has been particularly special.

It's time we rewind and look into the best of the nine episodes. Here's our pick of some of the best moments from Season 6 (until now) of HTGAWM:

The bond between Tegan and Annalise

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Tegan has been one character that has gained immense importance this season. Her presence has driven some of the most important events of the story. And one of them has been the friendship that she and Annalise slowly and steadily have been developing.


They started off as acquaintances, colleagues, and then grew closer. So much so, that Tegan started developing some emotions towards Annalise, almost to the extent of breaking down in front of her friend and exposing her raw, vulnerable side.

While we cannot say for sure if the two women will take their chemistry ahead, it sure was a moment to remember since it was a whole new aspect of Tegan's personality behind her hard shell of a powerful lawyer.

Michaela takes a stand with Simon Vick

That moment when Michaela decides to leverage the power and position of her "rich and influential" birth father, it shows her true colors for sure.

However, when she doesn't use the blank check, it also shows that a woman like Michaela, though young and inexperienced, has it in her to get what she wants and have her way with people.

This can be seen as both good and bad and we choose to see it as a quality much needed in women of today.


Frank discloses his feelings for Bonnie

Frank has always been a person who doesn't express much of his feelings or intense emotions. But as he fights for his life after being beaten by Laurel's brother and Bonnie comes to rescue, he realizes how much he loves her. Also, Bonnie and Frank have had their moments earlier when they were close friends. Frank brings back those memories to us by professing his love for Bonnie and promising her to be there always; a moment which was unlikely but nevertheless beautiful coming from a dark soul like Frank.

Laurel's sudden and unexpected cameo

Both from the story point of view as well as casting, we knew Laurel (Carla Souza) was not making it to the final season. Also, the way the plot turned out, it only made sense that she may not be seen ever.

But then her sudden Facetime with her friends on the graduation day changes everything. What does this mean for the story? Will she come back to the game or was it only to warn her friends or is she playing them? That scene left us with some burning questions and we will not get over it anytime sooner.


Asher reveals he is the informant

Matt McGorry stars as Asher Millstone in ABC's 'HTGAWAM' (Season 1- 6). (IMDB)

The presence of an "anonymous", "mysterious" FBI informant has been disrupting the lives of Annalise and K4 all through this season. After multiple theories, speculations, and guesses, we were left clueless on who could it possibly be.

And then the unexpected happens. On the graduation day, Asher spills the beans and admits that he has been passing on information to the FBI, but only because he has been coerced into doing so, and also he has been doing it intelligently enough so he can protect his friends too.

Like his friends, we couldn't be more disappointed and shocked at the same time to discover that Asher could be the informant. 

Wes appears in the ending scene of Episode 9

Alfred Enoch stars as Wes Gibbons in ABC's hit legal drama 'HTGAWM', and all set to make a comeback after four seasons. (IMDb)


This was perhaps the most powerful bomb of the season so far. Not even in our wildest imaginations could we have imagined Wes to be alive. Practically it was impossible for him to survive the house fire (in Season 3).

His death spiraled into every ugly incident and the way the lives of his friends turned out. Him being alive changes everything and makes us feel like we have been living a lie.

Call it shock, awe, disappointment, or anger, that scene when Wes appears at the church is never going out of our memory, not until we see its end.

What will eventually turn up might be different than promised or anticipated. But for now, we can bask in the memories of these powerful moments and memorable scenes until Team Annalise comes back after the hiatus.


‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 will be back only on ABC, same day, same time, in April 2020. Stay tuned for the final air date.

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