‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 9 shocks fans as they discover Wes is alive

As the show nears its end in a few months, it keeps sending us right back to the drawing board to reassess all our guesses and speculations.

                            ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6 Episode 9 shocks fans as they discover Wes is alive

The shock-and-awe treatment of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ has become almost the flavor of the final season. With each new episode, there is at least one character or an element of the story that will make sure to drive away your sleep. The fall finale episode turned out exactly that and much more. From revealing Asher to be the FBI informant to turning Nate and Bonnie against Annalise, turning Oliver violent, and so on, Episode 9 packed all the punch that the initial part of the season had missed. But the real whammy came with the ending scene when the flash-forward shows Annalise’s funeral and Wes just walks right into the ceremony.

While we were stupefied looking at the character rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, (quite literally so), fans were at a loss of words and emotions when they saw Wes alive after he has been declared dead for four years! @IfBeyCouldTalkTweets, “Hold up I know good and well I ain't just seen WES #HTGAWM”. Many like @DragemT1814had predicted that Wes might be alive. “SINCE DAY 1 I SAID WES WASNT DEAD! WES FAKE ASS BEEN ALIVE THIS WHOLE TIME! #HTGAWM”

As @UncannyBeautywonders, “How TF Wes dead ass ALIVE!! #HTGAWM”, so do we. After all, we saw him get burned down at the house fire, when Laurel’s friend set fire to the house, as instructed by her father. We also saw Wes’s dead body at the crime scene, at the morgue, and also at his funeral.

In fact, everything that followed after his death, from Annalise breaking down to his friends being constantly on the edge, took such turns because of his absence.  And now as he comes back, fans like@tswiftsbt13 are only happier, excited, and shocked at the same time. “WES IS ALIVE, I REPEAT, WES IS ALIVE! I’VE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER TO SEE SOMEONE ALIVE! #HTGAWM”. So is @tvgoldtweets, who comments, “WES IS ALIVE!!!! OMG HOW?? I missed him so much #HTGAWM”

Now, from the show’s point of view, this outrageous revelation will only make the future episodes all the more interesting and exciting, when HTGAWAM Season 6 will resume after its fall break. Like  @BdrchughesColecomments, “I swear if Wes turns out to be alive, the ratings of the final season will go extremely high! #HTGAWM”

Until then, stay tuned as we keep updating discussions, trivia and more information on ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season 6.

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