How did Woadie2live die? Close pal Bandman Fari arrested after rapper's death

Woadie2live was allegedly shot dead by close friend and fellow rapper Bandman Fari who had appeared on several music videos with him

                            How did Woadie2live die? Close pal Bandman Fari arrested after rapper's death
Rapper Woadie2live (L) was shot by close friend Bandman Fari who had appeared on several music videos with him (Instagram: @woadie2live, Dallas Police)

Tragedy hits the world of rap once again as another young rapper loses his life. Identified as Woadie2live, the 23-year-old was reportedly shot on September 5. Initially assumed a hoax, the rapper's death has finally been confirmed on social media as close friends poured in with heartbroken tributes for a life departed too soon. 

Known for some incredibly popular tracks like 'New Opps', 'Whole Lotta Love', 'Extortion' and more, Woadie2live's death comes amidst a spate of rappers dying within the last month. While rumors about Florida rapper Ducky P's death in Dallas left the Internet shocked, Memphis rapper YNC Capo's death was also mourned widely online after he was reportedly shot. More recently, another death that left everybody shocked was that of OnlyFans star Mercedes Morr, who was found dead in her apartment after an alleged murder-suicide. Woadie2live's death, although mysterious, is also believed to have resulted from gunshots from none other than an alleged close friend.


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How did Woadie2live die?

The young rapper was reportedly on the path to success with hit tracks in his bag and fame a not-too-distant dream. He shot to popularity after becoming a member of Dalworth and gaining a booming follower count on Instagram with people supporting his love and passion for the work and industry. This is why the alleged reason and perpetrator behind his death comes as a whopping shock: Woadie2live was allegedly shot by a friend called Bandman Fari, claim online sources.

Neither the rapper's family nor official sources have addressed the tragedy, let alone confirm whether Fari, a fellow rapper, was behind his death. It's been reported that Fari had appeared in a number of videos with Woadie2live, thus making speculations and rumors of him killing his friend such a shock. Sources allege that Fari was jealous of Woadie2live's success, reports Social Telecast, adding that this growing jealousy is what prompted him to kill his own friend in front of a club, allegedly.

Who killed Woadie2live?

News of Bandman Fari's (real name Bailey Phillips) arrest however made the rounds shortly after. According to the website Celeb Hook, Woadie2live died from a fatal shot to the neck, after being shot in the head and arm. The club staff had reportedly detained the suspect and recovered the weapon from him. When police arrived, they found Woadie2live lying on the sidewalk, bleeding, just outside of the 5am Club in Dallas, Texas. He was transported to the nearby Baylor Hospital by Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedics, wherein he died. Fari is being held on a bond of $250,000, reports The Sun, which has reportedly left people chanting on social media "Yo all that street s**t. Now you going to prison, wasted talent."

Since Woadie2live's death made rounds on the internet, several have paid their tributes. The most prominent happens to be that of fellow rapper Asian Doll who wrote on Instagram: "Man my heart can’t take no more I’m lost for words I don’t know what to say Rest Up @woadie2live My brother really gone man" Others on social media also lamented how the rapper was killed by someone so close to him. "Bro really backdoor his own man they was performing on stage together n everything RIP WOADIE2LIVE" The rapper's manager Arts of Israel also paid tribute. According to The Sun, he posted: "I don't even know what to say right now. This one really hurt. Thank you for trusting me as your manager and friend then. Rest in Heaven my boy."