How did Ync Capo die? Memphis rapper's death confirmed by friends who pay tribute

While there has been no official statement from the Memphis rapper's family, Twitter users have their theories about Ync Capo's untimely death

                            How did Ync Capo die? Memphis rapper's death confirmed by friends who pay tribute
Ync Capo is believed to be dead after being shot (Instagram: @ynccappo)

Young rapper Ync Capo, who was touted by the rap community as the next big thing, has reportedly died. News of his passing surfaced on Sunday, August 15, as several friends took to social media to confirm that rumors of Capo's death were true. As soon as the news was confirmed, fans and friends of the rapper posted heartbroken tweets and paid tribute, celebrating how Capo was on his way to "millions." One particular fan on Twitter however alluded to online speculation that Capo was killed because of a fight over a car.

News of Capo's death arrived just a day after Zion I hip hop star MC Zumbi was reportedly died of unknown causes at the Alta Bates Hospital in the early hours of Friday, August 13. Another rapper identified as YNT Juan was also shot to death in his car in Connecticut. The incident sent social media into an apparent frenzy about how gun violence needs to stop. Rapper 'KTS Dre' ambush shooting after being released from jail also left the nation shocked as reports revealed he was shot some '64 times' after he got out. In Capo's case, although he too was allegedly shot, the exact details of how he died haven't been revealed yet. 


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Who was Ync Capo?

While news of Capo's death has been confirmed by his friends on social media, there has been no official statement from the family as of now. A YouTube video from an account called Bishop Maxx however claims that Capo died after being shot. The upcoming artist from Memphis had over 30,000 followers on Instagram, where he often teased snippets of his upcoming music to a steadily growing fanbase. 

Capo, whose stage name Ync stands for Youngest 'n Charge, had created his YouTube channel in 2017. When Capo released his song 'Feeling Like Kavo' two years later in 2019, it was an immediate hit with the masses. The song's video ultimately bagged over eight million views till date - also making it one of his most popular tracks. Capo was also known for videos like 'Normal Life' and 'Life So Sweet', with some videos amassing over 100,000 views as well. 


Capo was shot over car

While it's unclear whether Capo was working on new music recently, his closes friends from the hip hop community have paid heartbroken tributes to a talent gone too soon. Musician Big Waoh shared Capo's photo on his Instagram stories and wrote: “RIP Capo. You was on your way to millions. God to you homie.” Big Waoh also shared screenshots of his and Capo's last chats - showing the tight bond between him and the late rapper.

Promise social media personalities and artists like Lil Muney, Lil Zay and Rich Baby are also among those who paid tribute to Capo. His death, although a massive shock to fans for its untimely nature, was received with swift response from them as soon as the confirmation arrived. “ync capo passed away .. damn man lil bruh was hard," wrote one fan. Another wrote: "ync capo was really one of my very favorite artists to come out of memphis in the past decade and it hurts me so bad that he’s about to get more love than ever now that he’s gone"




Others could not believe reports of Capo allegedly dying after being shot. Alleging the shots fired were out of a presumed debacle over a car, one fan wrote: "R.I.P YNC Capo! I’m sorry some lowlife baby a** [N-word] took yo life over a fucking car…I was just listening to yo music last week. Shit so depressing living here.." Another heartbroken fan tweeted: "Finding out YNC Capo died ruined my whole day… mann"



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