Hitman who tried to kill mobster Salvatore Zottola six times and failed wants to work with children upon release

Hitman who tried to kill mobster Salvatore Zottola six times and failed wants to work with children upon release
A hitman tried to kill Sylvester Zottola and his son Salvatore six times, however, Salvatore escaped all attempts and Sylvester died in the sixth attempt. (Screenchot from The Sitdown: Crime history podcast/YouTube; PIX11 News/YouTube)

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: A hitman, who tried to kill a mob associate and his son, and failed six times, said that he wants ot work with children when he is released, during his court hearing. Ron Cabey, 32, testified in court that he was indeed paid to kill Salvatore Zottola, 45, and his father Sylvester or better known as Sally Daz. A leader of the Bloods gangs was directly named in the testimony. Cabey told the court that a leader of the Bloods gang, Bushawn Shelton, paid him $10,000 to take out Salvatore and Sylvester.

Sylvester, 71, was eventually killed in a McDonald's drive-through shooting in the Bronx on October 2018, but his son Salvatore survived all six attempts. The gang member disclosed his criminal career in court after he was arrested in June 2018. Since then, he has been cooperating with federal prosecutors to get a reduced sentence. He spent Tuesday, September 13, and Wednesday, September 14, detailing his criminal activities, and arguing with Elizabeth Macedonio, representing the accused, for calling him a rat in the Brooklyn federal court. He claimed that he wanted to work with children upon his prison release. Macedonio mocked Cabey and said, "Do you plan to kidnap those children? Are you going to help them with their homework, sir? Are you going to teach them what homework is, sir?" reports Daily Mail


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Prosecutors believe that Shelton was contracted by Salvatore's brother Anthony, so that he could take over his father's mafia-connected real estate business. When Cabey got arrested in 2018 for a Times Square Robbery, he had told his accomplice that he wanted to jump to the point, that is become a contract killer which was when he was contacted by Anthony. The original plan was to murder Salvatore first to lure his father Sylvester out of hiding so that he too could be killed.

Bushawn 'Shelz' Shelton (above) to gun down his father. (State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision)
Bushawn 'Shelz' Shelton was allegedly hired by Anthony, Sylvester Zottoloa's son, so that he could take over the real estate business (State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision)

Hitman fails to kill 6 times!

Cabey provided deatils on how he tried to kill Sylvester and Salvatore six times and failed. The first time, Cabey tried to attack Salvatore where he was at his most vulnerable at home in the Locust Point district of the Bronx, beneath Throgs Neck Bridge. However, he was disturbed by patrolling police. The second time, Cabey's driver Dot, who was provided to him by Anthony, was arrested before they could make it to the Bronx. The third time, Cabey tried to break into Salvatore's home but entered the wrong padlock pincode and was spotted by the police and so he had to flee.

Salvatore Zotolla (YouTube/PIX11 News)
Salvatore Zottola survived all six attempts to kill him by Ron Cabey (PIX11 News/YouTube)

Right after this, he was informed by Shelton that the plan had changed and that he had to now directly go for Sylvester. The fourth time, Cabey approached to kill Sylvester but was thrown off when he saw a police van set up a patrol post in a park near his home. In June 2018, with a new driver Himen Ross, they went to Sylvester's house only to realize that Salvatore was present there as well and that he had called the police. The pair crashed the van and fled. On the last attempt, to their surprise, Sylvester was armed and fired a warning shot that alerted the police. He tried to run but was caught. After Cabey escaped, he completed his job and killed Sylvester four months later in October 2018. 

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