Doc hired hitmen to kidnap wife and inject her with heroin twice a day in sick plot to WIN HER BACK!

Doc hired hitmen to kidnap wife and inject her with heroin twice a day in sick plot to WIN HER BACK!
Dr Ronald Ilg pleaded guilty on Wednesday, August 13, 2022 (LinkedIn)

SPOKANE, WASHINGTON: You may have heard of people doing some really crazy things to win back their loved ones. While most people resort to apologizing or gift-giving to woo back their loved ones, Dr Ronald Ilg took it a bit too far when he decided to hire hitmen on the darkweb to kidnap his wife and inject her with heroin twice a day to win her back!

Dr Ilg, a neonatologist was charged with attempting to hire hitmen off the internet to kidnap his estranged wife, inject her with heroin and film her during the act to blackmail her with the videos. He plead guilty on Wednesday, August 13, 2022. The 55-year-old doctor confessed to his crimes in a court in Washington State, claiming that he was a "broken man" in 2021, when he paid the hitmen more over $50,000 to kidnap his wife after she filed for divorce. 


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Prosecutors claimed that Ilg, a former chief medical officer of a multistate neonatology management organization, attempted to plan an assault on a former coworker who he thought was involved in an internal inquiry at work into his conduct. The texts, which the government was able to get, instructed the hitman to inflict a "severe beating" that would "seriously hurt both hands or shatter the hands." He is accused of paying the service $2,000 in bitcoin.

The neonatal specialist, who treated infants at a clinic in Spokane, Washington, was fired in 2020 after his coworkers filed complaints about his behavior. Shortly after he got fired, Ilg's wife had filed for divorce. He began behaving in an erratic and obsessive manner, resorting tp harassing her in an effort to win her back, despite multiple restraining orders. All the while Ilg was having a BDSM affair with a mistress, which involved a sex-slave contract signed in blood and a sex-dungeon bunker buried on his property.

According to experts who have studied these websites, there is no evidence that they work, and there is no evidence that the assault Ilg requested was carried out. However, the prosecutors found it interesting that Ilg returned to the same website a month later with a request to abduct his wife, who at that time was in the midst of filing divorce from him, and the doctor was hoping to get her to drop it. He detailed out a plan for the kidnapping- the kidnappers would take her to a secure location, inject her with heroin, teach her how to administer the drug, and videotape her doing so as a form of blackmail. "She is a strong woman," he wrote. "And she is stubborn and will take a lot of convincing," reported The Daily Beast. He offered to pay $55,000 in Bitcoin to whoever completed the tasks, he further sweetened the deal by throwing in an addition $10,000 if the tasks were completed within the two-week timeframe. Ilg was carrying out these transactions under the username of Scar215,. He was arrested in April 2021.

Prior to his arrest and admission of guilt, Ilg lived a respectable life in Spokane, Washinton City.  He was a successful neonatologist, ran for a local school board while calling himself a 'moderate conservative,' and divorced his first wife and married a second with whom he had a son in 2018. Everything fell apart when two of his co-workers filed complaints against him in 2019. One of his co-workers claimed that Ilg harrased them, while the other reported Ilg for his scheduling practices. Rumors of him carrying a gun to NICU began doing the rounds at his workplace, reported The Daily Mail. This led to Ilg's bosses to ask him to resign his job, but when he refused to quit, he was eventually fired. He began harassing his wife with texts begging her to come back to him. Despitte the restraining orders against him, Ilg continued to harass his wife by following her around and begging her to come back to him.

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