'Big Brother': Who won the 'Wild Card Challenge'? Winner bags safety until jury

This week's challenge not only came with immunity but with the ultimate plot twist!

                            'Big Brother': Who won the 'Wild Card Challenge'? Winner bags safety until jury
Claire Rehfuss playing the 'Wild Card Challenge' on 'Big Brother' (CBS)

It's all about playing the mind games within the home when it comes to surviving the 'Big Brother' house. And if you can't ace those, then being good at the physical games helps.

So far, there have been three eliminations, out of which Brandon 'Frenchie' French and Brent Champagne thought they were playing the houseguests when in reality, their strategies failed miserably. However, with the more pronounced set of eliminations done, it's now every man for himself, regardless of alliances.


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With Christian Birkenberger winning Head of Household this week, this team was safe from the chopping block. However, he had to make a tough choice as to who to eliminate, which meant everyone outside of his team was at risk, seeing that one of them would end up being a pawn. So when it boiled down to the Wild Card Challenge of the week, the players knew that the immunity that comes with it was as crucial as ever.

For this week's challenge, Claire Rehfuss, Whitney Williams and Azah Awasum faced off in the hope of keeping their teams safe. The three women had to play a complicated game where they had to balance a custom table shaped like a martini glass and try to get a ball from one end to another. Easily one of the most complex Wild Card challenges to date; Claire managed to ace the game. 

Upon winning, she had two options -- she could either have immunity for herself and her team for this week or win immunity for just herself until the jury. The entire house was shocked because if Claire went for the latter, she'd be safe for quite a while. However, Claire made the obvious choice and picked immunity for only herself and fans were not surprised, with many saying that they would have done the same.

"I wouldn't even think about this one... Give me my damn safety darling #BB23" tweeted a fan. "Claire made the right choice. #BB23" agreed another. "Claire, "I crushed that! Give me safety! me, Me, ME!" #BB23 <We'd all take the safety for ourselves.>" tweeted another. 






However, some fans did disagree that options like these could skew the game entirely since it gives a few alliances more power over others.  "Don't like such big stake offers,could wrongfully get a strategic HG out early #bb23 #BB23 #bigbrother23 #bigbrother," pointed out a fan. 


Although Claire made the obvious choice to save herself until jury, that meant her teammates, the Queens, Kyland Young and Tiffany Mitchell, did not have safety. However, seeing that they are part of the cookout alliance, they were genuinely happy for Claire, because out of the three of them, she was the one most at risk if put up on the chopping block.

Claire winning immunity right up until the jury changes the entire game. What do you think? Is a high-stakes win going to mess the game further on? Sound off in the comment below! 

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